Maitree 26th March 2023 Written Update

Maitree 26th March 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Maitree 26th March 2023 Written Episode

Maitree recalls the investor’s state for her. Kusum assists the Pandit in preparing for the Pooja. Maitree asks Kusum why she is doing all of the work and says she can enlist Suman’s assistance. Suman acts as if she is suffering from back pain. Kusum motions for Suman to sit down and informs him that he has been suffering from back pain since the morning. Kusum is informed by the pandit that it is time for Pooja. The Pandit suggests that Nandish and his mother, or someone from Mother’s position, attend the Pooja together. Ashish inquires of Oma and Kusum as to the whereabouts of Sona. Om claims Sona went outside without informing anyone and left her phone at home. Ashish requests that Kusum sit in the Pooja.Om objects because she isn’t feeling well. Om and Kusum persuade Maitree to participate in the Pooja as Nandish’s mother. Maitree initially refuses, but later agrees.

Along with Nandish, Ashish and Maitree sit in the Pooja. Suman takes pictures of the Pooja with her phone. Sona arrives during the Pooja and inquires if they waited for her to leave. Om tells Sona that she was not in the house and that Kusum’s health was not good, so we asked Maitree to sit in on the Pooja as Maitree’s mother. Maitree also claims she only sat to fill Nandini’s seat and that she is welcome to participate in the Pooja if she so desires. Sona responds to Maitree’s remarks and invites Maitree to participate in the Pooja.

Ashish inquires about Sona’s whereabouts. Sona claims Vasundhara summoned her to her home. She tells them how Vasundhara proposed a deal to her and how she turned it down. Ashish promises to go teach her a lesson. Maitree says Sona taught Vasundhara a good lesson, and you don’t need to leave the puja.

Vasundhara notices her holding out her hand. She inquires of her brother and his wife about what is going on at Tiwari’s house. They claim to be on a video call right now. Vasundhara has a keen eye for detail. Sona gives the baby a gold locket and places it around the baby’s neck without listening to Maitree. Everyone wishes the baby well. Vasundhara claims Nandini is in pain, but these people are celebrating. She asks her brother to record everything because it might come in handy later. Maitree approaches Sumsn and inquires as to what she is doing with the phone. Suman is in charge of the situation.

Ashish inquires about Maitree’s insurance. Maitree says she’ll contact the team. Everyone becomes preoccupied with their work. Suman notices that the locket may become entangled in the baby’s neck while he is chewing it. Vasundhara requests that she not remove it because it will help us prove Maitree is careless. Maitree arrives in time to save the baby. She chastises Sona. Suman is chastised by Ashish. Suman claims Maitree will not let her. Maitree declares that she will not trust anyone and will take care of Nandish as Yashoda Maa.

Maitree later puts Nandish to sleep. Ashish expresses gratitude to her for saving Nandish. Maitree says she doesn’t need to thank her because Nandish is her life. Ashish requests that she check to see if she has received the policy amount. Maitree examines it and cheerfully informs Ashish that she obtained the funds without his assistance. Ashish reflects on how he forced her to accept the money. He requests that Maitree notify committee members that she will be attending the event. Sumithra is informed by Maitree. Sumithra informs her of the occurrence and hangs up the phone. Ashish asks Maitree to focus on the event and assures her that they will take care of the baby. Maitree promises to make her event a success while caring for Nandish.

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