Mangal Lakshmi 10th June 2024 Written Update

Mangal Lakshmi 10th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Mangal Lakshmi 10th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Lakshmi comes home with Karthik. Karthik says let me turn on the AC. He says I am fine. Bhushan says let me get the breakfast. He asks Shanti to not do any drama. Karthik helps with picking up the things. Lakshmi stops him. He says I can do it. Lakshmi sees the kitchen. Shanti says to clean all the dishes before KArthik sees such a dirty kitchen. Lakshmmi starts doing the dishes. Karthik looks at her. He says are you doing? She says how will Cahchi do it? She says I will do it. Karthik says let me help you. She says no no it’s too hot here. He falls. Lakshmi holds him. Lakshmi says please go. I will do it. Karthik says I will make them shine. I am the master. Dont worry. He helps her with the dishes.

Gayatri comes there and asks what are you doing Karthik? She’s shocked. the media makes videos from the window. Gayatri says, Karthik.. She takes the dishes and says let me do it. Lakshmi says don’t do this maa. She says if you can order Karthik make me do as well. Karthik says you’re getting it wrong maa. She didn’t ask me. Gayatri says what else? My son doesn’t even touch things in the house. She says you’ve not hired Karthik as your servant. Mangal comes there and says please. Kusum also comes there. Gayatri says they are making my son wash the dishes. Mangal says Lakshmi would never do that. Karthik says no one asked me. I was just joking with Lakshmi. Gayatri says my son came here for the first time. They have no arrangements here. No cleaning, no breakfast. Kusum says you’re right. They didn’t even do dusting. They got lucky with such a good son-in-law but see what they are doing. Shanti says we are poor. Kusum says you can still give respect but yo can’t. She says that Lakshmi is better than them. Dont worry. She says we got the rose we’ve to put up with these thorns that come along. Lakshmi says I am sorry. I wasn’t making him do the dishes.

Bhushan comes in with the breakfast. He asks if is everything okay. Gayatri says I am coming. Mangal you start the ritual.

Scene 2
Somiya says to Adit I want to help Ishana. She’s your daughter. She asks why were you silent? Mangal asked me to give her tuition. He says you know my mom.she can be rude to you. Somiya says it’s fine. I don’t mind. She’s your mom. I respect her. Adit drops her. He says I am glad you’re coming to my home every day adn Ishana will also get better grades.

Somiya’s landlord comes. She says we’re getting your complaints. A man comes to meet you every night. That isn’t right. She says he’s my to-be husband. He just dropped me here. We’re gonna get married soon. I will give you the first card. She says oh okay.

Scene 3
Everyoen waits for Gayatri. Kusum says you people crossed all limits today. What if Gayatri doesn’t come? Gayatri comes in. She says look at Karthik’s condition. He has a different standard of living. She places a cooler there. She says Karthik can’t sit in the heat. Lipika says wow we have a cooler now. Gayatri says let us do things our way. Karthik says we will adjust. Kusum says Gayatri can’t see you in trouble.

Mangal does Karthik and Lakshmi’s arti. She gives them shagun. Mangal gives Karthik a watch. He says you’re the best. You always do so much for others. Lakshmi is just like you. Karthik says what do you want as a gift? She says you’ve given my Lakshmi so much happiness. You came to her life with love and care. That’s the biggest gift to me. Lakshmi recalls Karthik saying he can trust her. She says in her heart love isn’t in my destiny. The pooja plate falls on Karthik. Lakshmi says let me clean it. Lakshmi cleans his suit. Kusum says she can’t see any stain on his clothes. Gayatri says I will clean it. A piece of plaster falls on Gayatri. She coughs. Kusum asks are you okay? They give her water. Lakshmi cleaned her face. Gayatri says we should leave now. Bhushan says forgive us. Karthik says it’s happens. It’s fine. Mangal says we’re sorry. Gayatri says let it be. Kusum says this shouldn’t have happened. d My sister has a big heart. Gayatri says let’s go. She says to Shanti you always ahasme me.

Episode ends

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