Manmohini 30th September 2019 Written Update

Manmohini 30th September 2019 Written Update by MA

Manmohini 30th September 2019 Written Episode

Gopika thinks she will create so much hatred in Sautan/Siya’s life that she herself will kick her out, let us see if Siya’s good upbringing or her evil birth will win. She hears Mallika shouting and walks out to check. Mallika tries to kill Sumri for ill speaking about Mann. Jhumri on time stops her and rescues Sumri. Mallika thinks to make her plan successful, even pandit came. Ram leaves on business trip telling Siya that he will return soon and to take care of herself till he returns. Jhumri takes Sumri aside and asks why did he go to Mallika’s room. Sumri says he came to meet her. Their romance starts and they stand looking at each other’s face. Gopika walks to them. Khumri gets nervous and sends Sumri away. Gopika says Mallika tried to kill Sumri so ruthlessly.

Jhumri requests not to inform anyone about her love affair with Sumri. Gopika asks her to go and meet Sumri. Jhumri says Bindu, Siya, Maya or anyone may catch them. Gopika assures no one will.
Gopika then walks to Mallika’s room to check on her and sees Mann sucking hypnotized Mallika’s blood. She stops him and asks to have pomegranate juice instead, else if Siya sees him having blood, she will punish him. Mann asks why will Siya bother. Gopika provokes him against Siya, but he doesn’t deter. Sumri returns to Guruji and informs what Mallika did. Guruji says Mallika is under evil control and herself cannot do this.

Gopika returns to Mann who pleads to give him blood as he is very hungry. Gopika provokes him against Siya. Gopika seeing Siya walking in slaps Mann. Siya angrily shouts how dare she is to slap Mann. Gopika says Mann is misbehaving and insisting her for more food, he is troubling her a lot; Siya should prepare food for him instead of running behind kanhaji. Siya drags Gopika out and pushes her out of house. Mann pleads Siya not to send Gopika away. Siya closes door telling Mann that it is better for him to stay away from Gopika. Gopika smirks and thinks Siya acted on her plan and is her puppet, now Mann will start hating Siya. Siya drags Mann in and locking herself in home temple tells devi maa that she had to take this tough step to protect Mann. Mann shows his evil side and says rasgulla did really bad. Siya hears a sound from Mann’s room and thinks what is this sound.

Precap: Siya shatters seeing Mann’s evil side. Gopika thinks her evil birth overpowered Siya’s good upbringing.

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