May I Come In Madam 11th August 2017 Written Update

May I Come In Madam 11th August 2017 Written Update by Amena

May I Come In Madam 11th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sanju coming to meet Sanjana. Chedi comes and says I m going Bangkok for a week. She asks why. Sanju jokes on him. Chedi scolds him. He says I have to make imp client, take care. He goes. Sanju says I can come if you get scared of staying alone at home. Sanjana says no, I will party with my friends. He thinks to watch Sanjana and her friends show.

Sanju gets ready and comes. Kashmira asks him to take her out. He makes excuses. Sanju and mummy get into an argument. He goes. Sanjana calls Kashmira and invites her in party. Kashmira happily agrees. Sanju comes to Sanjana’s house and thinks where to hide, madam will see me. H sees Sanjana coming and hides fast. She changes clothes while he turns away. She plays tv. She hears about some dangerous knife. Sanjana
worries and calls Kashmira to come fast. She asks him to see news. Kashmira says I will call you after reaching Sanjana’s house.

She thinks the thief is in trees and throws stone. Khiloni gets hurt and says he was taking leaves for ayurvedic medicine. She asks him to come with her to madam’s house, she will do her aid. Sanju gets shocked seeing Kashmira and Khiloni. He tries to run away. Sanjana asks Khiloni to come, she will use ice packs for his relief. Khiloni gets glad. Kashmira applies ointment to him. She says I have understood stone was small. Khiloni asks Sanjana to continue icing. Kashmira hears sound and says there is someone in your cupboard. Sanju is hiding there. Sanjana says we should call police. He calls Sanjana. He asks her not to do anything, he will get police and come to save us. She gets glad. Khiloni says I will save you two. He opens cupboard and sees Sanju. He gets shocked. Sanju signs him to go. Sanjana signs Khiloni.

Khiloni shuts the cupboard and tells sad story of the thief. Sanjana asks when did the thief tell this to you. Khiloni says just now by face reading. Sanjana says fine, we will also do his face reading. Sanju calls Sanjana and asks her not to act smart, thief is dangerous, vacate the house, we will catch him. She agrees. Sanjana says Sanju asked us to vacate the house, come. They all leave.

Sanju comes out of the cupboard. He hides back and gets angry. Khiloni says handle broke, how will we leave now.

Kashmira agues with Sanju. Uncle says I will do DNA test, I will solve this case in a day.

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