May I Come In Madam 25th August 2017 Written Update

May I Come In Madam 25th August 2017 Written Update by Amena

May I Come In Madam 25th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sanju saying I just want madam to be happy and smiling. Khiloni asks him to feed a bhaang paan to madam and say jokes to madam. Sanju likes the idea. They drink wine. Kashmira and Mummy play football. Sanju jokes on mummy. He asks Kashmira to give him food. She says I m participating in football competition. Mummy hits Sanju with football and shouts goal.

Sanju waits for Khiloni. Sanjana asks why are you here, come and prepare for presentation. He says Khiloni is getting my tiffin, I will just get it and come. She asks him to worry for his job and goes. Khiloni comes and gives two paan. He says one is bhaang paan and other is sweet paan. Sanju asks which one is sweet. Khiloni says wait, this one. Sanju eats the paan and says its bitter, not sweet. Khiloni says

maybe there is much Chuna. Sanju asks which joke shall I tell her. Khiloni says I will tell you jokes. Sanju starts laughing. He gets affected by bhaang. He goes. Khiloni sees him and goes.
Sanju comes to Sanjana. She asks about presentation. He asks her to have paan/betel. She says this is ridiculous, client is going to come, if you do anything wrong, I will fire you. He says sorry. She asks him not to make any mistake. Client comes. Sanju jokes. Sanjana says he has habit to joke. Client asks them not to joke about their product.

Sanjana asks Sanju to shut up. She says I assure you, we will make it amazing, tell me about product. Client says its alarm system, when thief enters the house, security alarm will ring in police station. Sanju asks how will thief know it and laughs. He imagines Sanjana singing paan khaye….. He dances with client. Client gets upset and goes. Sanjana shouts on him. Khiloni takes Sanju and realizes he has eaten bhaang paan. He asks Sanju to apologize to Sanjana. Sanju says I will ask for a kiss and laughs, joking on Sanjana and Khiloni. Khiloni takes him home.

Mummy gets plaster in leg and says I will not forgive you. Kashmira says I told you to play, not slip. Sanju jokes on mummy. Kashmira scolds Sanju. Sanju laughs and breaks mummy’s other leg, saying it will be matching now. Khiloni says actually…. Kashmira scolds him. Khiloni says Sanju and I had gone to eat paan, Sanju has eaten bhaang paan by mistake. Kashmira says sorry, make him sleep, I will take mummy to hospital. Kashmira asks mummy to come. Mummy asks how shall I walk now. Sanju asks mummy to walk over mouth and go. Mummy screams with pain. Kashmira says sorry.

Chedi tells Chubby about success. Sanju and Khiloni come there. Sanju creates a scene. Khiloni says Sanju has come to hit you with a stone, as you are Majnu. Sanjana says I will beat you. Sanju acts mad. Sanjana says call police. Khiloni says he has eaten bhaang paan by mistake, he asked me to get two paan for you and him, but bhaang paan came by mistake.

Sanjana says thank God, Sanju had it, I didn’t have it, thanks for telling me truth, else I would have fired him, take him home. Sanju asks are you coming along. She shouts. Sanju and Khiloni leave. Its morning, Sanju sees everyone and thinks I don’t remember what I did, they will give me lecture. He says you all can punish me, I had no wrong intentions, I did that in bhaang effect. They all laugh and joke. Sanju looks on puzzled. Khiloni smiles and says I made them laugh bhaang, so that they don’t scold you. Sanju gets glad seeing all of them laughing. He jokes on Khiloni. Sanju sings Aane wala pal………and dances with Kashmira and makes her wear a ring. He hugs Chedi. They all dance happily.

The show ends.

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  1. Pardesi1
    August 29, 18:00 Reply

    what show ends!!!! its nice and pleasant funny show. why you have to end?

  2. Pardesi
    August 29, 17:59 Reply

    what show ends!!!! its nice and pleasant funny show. why you have to end?

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