Meet 12th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 12th May 2023 Written Episode

Chiku sleeping between Meet and Manmeet. Sumeet sleeps on sofa.

Next morning. Chiku wakes up and looks at Meet and Manmeet while they are asleep. Manmeet asks for water in while sleeping and calls Sumeet. Chiku get out of bed and hide behind there bed and his locket hanging on bed. Meet wakes him up. Manmeet says Sumeet is not her and gets cosy with her. Meet get’s up sees Sumeet sleeping on sofa. Meet go to her and says I’ll put her on bed. Manmeet says let her sleep she will get up and says she never leaves her blanket given by her grandmother. Meet remembers talking to her baby about blanket and the locket given by Anubha.

Manmeet in kitchen asks Meet did you talk to Chanda. Meet says yes Chanda called me and informed she got the job and will update me soon. Manmeet try to take blessings from Sarkar but he ignores him and asks Gunwanti for tea. Meet give tea to Manmeet and says this contains herbs in it, he is having itchy throat will help him to calm down. Manmeet takes the cup to Sarkar. Sarkar busy reading newspaper. Meet asks servant to pick dirty clothes from there room. The lady picks up the cloth along with locket. Gunwanti give tea to Sarkar and says Manmeet has already brought tea for you. Sarkar drinking tea. Manmeet says this has herbs will calm you down. Sarkar keeps the cup and asks Gunwanti to bring tea in his room made by her. Manmeet says to Meet no need to worry everything will be fine between us.

Mahendra asks Kanika to share kids photo again.n Kanika sends him photo. Lady asks Kanika for her dirty clothes. Kanika sees locket and remember Chiku wearing same locket. Kanika says to Mahendra I’ll share you in sometime and he walks away. Kanika asks her about the kurta and takes the locket stuck in his kurta. Kanika says this means boy is hiding in this house.

Meet get’s call from Chanda, she says all the documents are saved in computer and I don’t know how to use it but today manager is not here so you can check the information about Mohan and the kid who ran away and also they are having a trunk filled with stuff belonging to the kids when they got admitted to here and tell her about blanket. Meet says I’ll come and check.

Chiku try to wake up Sumeet and he hears someone walking towards the room he hides behind furniture. Kanika enters the room and start looking for boy. Kanika hears a sound she try to check but her chunri get stuck in Sumeets locket. Meet enters the room and asks her what are you doing here. Kanika drops locket in Sumeets basket and says I came to see Sumeet but she is sleeping. Meet says she is always busy playing whole day and keeps Sumeets toy in basket. Kanika thinks if Meet sees the locket she will know it’s not of someone from this house then it will raise questions and try to investigate. Meet says to Kanika come let’s have breakfast and picks up the basket. Kanika says I’ll take it with me. Meet says you are guest and calls Lata to take the basket with her. Lata takes it. Meet thinks why is Kanika acting so wierd. Kanika says if locket is in this room then the biy mist be here on in this house, I have to find him and send the whole family out. Sumeet wakes up and looks toward the bes. Meet asks what are you looking and says I have cooked your favourite breakfast come fast. Sumeet says I’ll be out in 2 minutes. Meet goes out. Sumeet looks for Chiku. Chiku come out from his hideout. Sumeet says you are have fever you meed to see doctor but how can I take you without telling anyone. Sumeet says hide in store room till that time I’ll find a way to take you to doctor.

Gunwanti give tea Kanika. Mahendra asks her to take some snacks. Kanika says to Mahendra, Minister have said yes for your alcohol factory and congratulates them. Mahendra get’s happy. Kanika says today is good day so let’s go out and strat with the foundation work. Mahendra says why not. Kanika thinks now I’ll get the empty house to search for the boy. Meet says one side we are installing medicine factory and on other side alcohol I don’t think it’s a good idea. Gunwanti says if you install a factory them it’s good and if we try to make factory the it’s wrong. Mahendra says to Manmeet Sarkar has given permission for the factory and I’ll obey whatever he says and asks him to keep his wife’s mouth shut. Meet apologies to them. Gunwanti says we will do the pooja today. Meet says to Manmeet if they will do the pooja today then how can we go and check all the stuff in orphanage. Manmeet says we have some work to do then how can we come for pooja. Bapu Sarkar says we sill do pooja today if someone comes or not. Meet try to say something. Manmeet stops her, he walks to bapu Sarkar and says we will be available. Bapu Sarkar ignores him. Jasodha asks everyone to sit and says we are blessed by God Mahendra’s factory pooja will be done without anything going wrong. Kanika thinks my plan is working when everyone will be out I’ll find out the boy hiding in this house. Sumeet hears everything says I have to find a reason so that no one takes me for pooja then I’ll take Chiku to doctor.

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