Meet 14th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 14th May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 14th May 2023 Written Episode

Meet and Manmeet take Cheeku inside their home with them while Kanika gets angry as her plan failed. Meet helps Cheeku drink water and dresses his wound on the feet. Cheeku keeps crying in pain while Meet lovingly cleans his wound and applies medicine on it. Meet finishes bandaging Cheeku’s foot and asks Manmeet if he is the kid who had run away from an orphanage. Meet calls Chanda and asks her to see the photo she is sending and inquire if he is the child who had run away from an orphanage.

Kanika sees Meet clicking Cheeku’s photo and becomes suspicious. Meet gives pen and paper to Cheeku and encourages him to write information about himself. Gunwanti blames Meet and Manmeet for not coming to the factory. Mahendra and Gunwanti try to instigate Sarkar and Yashoda tries to calm them, but Sarkar scolds her. Cheeku nervously tries to write something, but the pen falls off his hands when he recalls Mohari’s death incident. Meet consoles him and hugs him, she tells him not to be scared.

Manmeet tells Meet that Sumeet has got a fever and is resting. Meet panics and wants to go to Sumeet, but Manmeet tells her she is already sleeping. He tells her about Sumeet knowing Cheeku and she had brought him home two days back. Meet connects the link to Sumeet’s previous questions and realizes she had been helping Cheeku.

Meet wonders why people are behind him. Sarkar, Yashoda, and others return home, and Sarkar is upset with Manmeet. Mahendra also blames him for ditching family for a stranger kid. Gunwanti sees Cheeku wearing Veer’s clothes and puts the blame on him for stealing. Yashoda tries to stop her, but she keeps questioning Cheeku who nervously hugs Meet. Meet warns Gunwanti not to put such allegations on a kid. Sarkar tells Manmeet to stop following his wife.

Kanika thinks now she is more in trouble as the whole family knows about the child. Meet prays and again recalls her lost son. Meet tells she knows the feeling of a mother being separated from a child, so she hopes god can help to find Cheeku’s family. She keeps praying while Lata, who is keeping toys in the basket, gets Cheeku’s locket. She wonders if it belongs to Sumeet.

Lata goes to the temple where Meet is praying and waits for her to finish the prayer. Someone calls Lata, so she keeps the locket in front of Meet and leaves. Meet sits and prays wholeheartedly but missed seeing the locket kept there. Manmeet also comes and sits beside her. She cries and hugs him. Manmeet consoles her and Meet tells about feeling emotionally connected to Cheeku. Manmeet tells her mother’s love is very powerful and she will soon get her son back. Cheeku keeps crying in the room. The episode ends with Meet and Manmeet deciding to pray for Cheeku while Kanika thinks when they leave for praying she will make Cheeku leave.

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