Meet 16th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 16th March 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 16th March 2023 Written Episode

Sarkar looks at Jalebi and says she is my second wife. Jasodha breakdown. Manmeet asks Sarkar why are you punishing her. Sarkar says she called me her God but she betrayed me, God knows what big responsibility she has and so to reduce all the burden I got myself a second wife and Jalebi will takeover onwards. Manmeet walks to Sarkar says you have misunderstanding, everyone knows how much mother loves you. Sarkar says she betrayed whole family, she gave documents to Meet, Sarkar destroyed documents infront of everyone. Manmeet in tears check documents and looks at Jasodha, he walks to her with documents and asks did you gave these documents to Meet? Jasodha nodes her her head yes.

Meet says Jasodha gave me papers because she wants me to go out of your life so that you can marry Shagun, she did this for her son’s happiness. Sarkar says don’t try to cover her crime by calling it love, she did a mistake and it won’t change my decision if someone have problem can leave this house because I’m sure I’ll marry Jalebi. Sarkar and Jalebi walks inside. Manmeet holds Jalebi hand and stop them from going further. Manmeet says to Jalebi she is the woman of this house she is boos here and in this village you cannot take her place and takes her with him. Sarkar says you will ask her to get out but remember one thing many women a waiting to marry me, in next five days there is the muhrat of wedding, whoever wants to come can come and enjoy and if someone have problem can leave this family. Sarkar walks out. Jasodha try to catch him but couldn’t. Imarti and Jalebi also leave.

Sarkar in his waiting room ask Imarti to take her sister in his room. Meet walks to Sarkar says why are you doing this you very well know she wasn’t betraying you, your decision for marrying again will break your family everyone will be shattered. Sarkar says everybody has become used to following Jasodhas order, things change with time but rules and regulations have never changed of this house and Jasodha will be punished for her mistake. Meet says Jasodha is not an object she is your wife, she supported this family for 30 years she is a member but you are leaving her because of her motherhood, you both have identity because of eachother. Narendra says to Sarkar look at mother how broken she is. Meghna saya to Sarkar please don’t punish Taiji. Manmeet says she is soul of this house please don’t think I beg you, this house won’t work without her. Meet says to Sarkar you have to change your decision because having two wife is an criminal offence. Sarkar get’s up and says to Meet what do you think I don’t know law and order I’m Sarkar will be back. Sarkar walks away. Jasodha and Manmeet walks to Sarkar. Jasodha and Manmeet beg to Sarkar. Jasodha offer him hunter and says punish me. Manmeet says to Sarkar whatever mom did was for me please forgive her if you want you can beat me. Sarkar begging infront of Sarkar and says I cannot live without you. Manmeet beg infront of him says I was away from my family for 24 years I use to dream of living with my family but what will I do you both will get separated. Sarkar push Jasodha away and says to Manmeet you can see her pain and what about me, I won’t change my decision she will be punished for her mistakes and man have to take harsh decision to prove everyone what happens when their wife makes a mistake and asks him to come out. Sarkar walks out of his room.

Jalebi in room excited. Imarti guve uer milk to drink and says you look so happy. Jalebi finds an almond in her milk says tgis is just like diamond for me and she sits on floor. Imarti says get up and sit on bed soon you will be boss of this house and ask her to sit with confidence. Jalebi says I’m worried because everyone is against this marriage. Imarti says listen to me carefully Sarkar can handle the situation, now it will be fun because everyone us to ignore me in this house now everyone will obey me, she walks Jalebi and says we both will rule here now.

Sarkar show documents to Meet and says look at them carefully this is divorce papers and Jasodha to put thumb impression. Meet reads thw document and says to Jasodha according to the papers you have no issues with his second marriage and you are willingly giving him divorce, she ask her not to put thumb impression. Sarkar takes Jasodha’s hand apply ink on her thumb. Meet stops Sarkar and says this is wrong. Sarkar says to Jasodha you have changed till now you always did what I said and today you are listening Meet. Sarkar takes documents from her and ask Jasodha for thumb impression. Manmeet says to Jasodha don’t do it and shouts at everyone to talk to Sarkar. Everyone says no to Jasodha. Jasodha shouts enough and says I cannot listen one word against my God, she says to Sarkar you can’t do anything wrong, she takes the document and apply thumb impression on it. Everyone in shock.

Sarkar remove ghunghat from Jasodha’s head and throw water on her to remove sindoor.
Sarkar ask Jalebi to apply hand impression if Kumkum. Meet stops Jalebi to do ritual. Meet says to Sarkar as I stopped this ritual same way I’ll stop you from marrying again.

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