Meet 17th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 17th March 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 17th March 2023 Written Episode

Jashoda says to Sarkar, you are right I have committed a sin, I have always followed every order of yours and even today I will accept everything you say and accept your decision.
Sarkar stops Jashoda and says your punishment has just started come to the verandah and Gunvanti call Jalebi too.

In verandah everyone gathered. Manmeet tries to talk to Jashoda, Jashoda asks him to back off. Sarkar wipes Jashoda’s sindoor and says you no longer deserve this sign of being my wife and pours water on her. Jashoda standa there in tears. Everyone feels bad for Jashoda. Jalebi and Imarti enjoy it.

Sarkar says after marriage the married couple applied kum kum prints. Sarkar shows a big card which has written – Marriage if Jalebi and Bapu Sarkar. Sarkar puts his hand print and asks Jalebi to print hers. Manmeet says enough of this, my mother hasn’t done any mistake, my mother has always stood with you in all ups and downs and doesn’t that mean anything to you. Jalebi steps forward and about to print her hand. Meet kicks a pot at Jalebi and she stumbles. Sarkar asks Meet to stay in her limits. Meet walks to him, I won’t let this marriage happen. Sarkar thinks with this nonsense you can stop me, you arw nothing here, my son will throw you out of here in 2 days, who are you fighting for. Meet says this is my family and if I see anyone on my family facing injustice I will fight for that person and I won’t go away from here, this is my family and my house. Sarkar says to her, Jashoda has accepted her mistake and others too and no one will be with you.

Meet says to Sarkar, just wait and watch and this whole family will be with me and you wipl be standing alone because I am right and I will definitely win. Sarkar says to her, this is my house and runs the way I say and no one dares here to go against me. Meet holds Jashoda’s hand and says when all limits are crossed all fears become useless, all will dare soon and I will keep fighting and you will dance on my victory. Sarkar laughs at Meet.
Jashoda leaves Meet’s hand and walks away.
Jashoda goes to her room and locks the door, she breaks down and starts crying.

Manmeet goes to Jashoda’s room and says don’t worry I won’t let this happen open the door. Shagun joins Manmeet and asks Jashoda to open the door and says to Manmeet she isn’t answering I hope she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Anuja says to Sundari, if Jashoda has to go through such punishment what will happen to us. Gunvanti says Anuja is right. Anuja says but Meet Didi is here and she will fight for us. Sundari says we have to stop this or seeing Bapu Sarkar all will get influenced. Imarti walks with Jalebi and says come let me show you, your new room. Gunvanti stops them and says that room is Jashoda’s and no one will take her place. Imarti says back off and when my sister will be the new wife of Sarkar, I will deal with you first, your sister is still waiting there and look my sister will soon be the queen of this house.

Manmeet breaks the door and gets in and sees Jashoda lying on floor with photo. Manmeet picks her and says why are you dressed like this, where is your jewellery. Jashoda says a wife does all this for her husband and my husband has given up on me. Imarti and Jalebi walk in and says to Jashoda, good I met you here, you explain my sister how to stay here, what Sarkar likes because she will be the new queen. Manmeet gets angry and asks Imarti to shutup. Imarti says she is no longer the queen here in 5 days my sister will rule. Manmeet pushes her and says come after 5 days and closes the door.

Shagun says to Manmeet, whatever is happening is because of Meet, she took the risk for Meet and look what we are facing, this is all her evil plan to take revenge.
Manmeet says to her, if this is her trick this will be her biggest mistake and leaves in anger.

Manmeet walks to Meet in anger and says my parents are not at fault because you are wrong and pushes her. Meet stumbles and a drum of water falls. Manmeet blames Meet for his parents separation. Manmeet says my mother is in pain because of you and even you will bear this pain. Manmeet pulls two live wires and puts them in water but Meet quickly steps on a wooden plank. Manmeet sits there and says I don’t know how your cities work but for my mother her husband is everything and because of her everything for her is collapsed. I missed my mother so much, and you won’t understand this pain. After so long I found happiness but because of you, I lost everything again. Now stand here and feel the pain, how long will you stay here you will have to get down.

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