Meet 19th November 2022 Written Update

Meet 19th November 2022 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 19th November 2022 Written Episode

Babita says to everyone try to make Raj understand I’m scared about my son what if she take him away from everyone. Sunaina says I think she is right we should let her call police. Raj says I too love my son I also want him back, let’s think she kidnapped our son but why will she send a video, to alert us, you think she is so dumb, look at her face in video, I believe she made this video under pressure of Neelum Babita says I don’t understand why you aren’t looking the truth and you are accusing Neelam, she is in hospital under dipression. Raj says something thing are not real what you see and second Neelam is iut trying to take away our son. Babita says okay let’s go and check hospital. Barfi walks in the house.

Meet inside box loosing breath. Meet imagine her time with Meet Ahlawat, she celebrating diwali with him, she ask him to promise one thing, Meet Ahlawat says okay. Meet ask him to stay with her, support eachother stick together life long.
Meet open her eyes and start punching the box. Ishani outside shouting Meet’s name. Meet hand start bleeding. Ishani see Meet’s phone and start shouting her name. Meet continuously punching box.

Babita ask Barfi ab Neelu. Barfi thinks she is not there now what I’ll answer.

Laila with Meet Ahlawat. Laila says I fought with everyone for you now there is no one between us, now we will go far away and love eachother.

Ishani looking for Meet in jungle. Meet punching.

Laila see bruses says please forgive me for this and I promise no one will trouble you anymore. Meet Ahlawat takes Meet name. Laila get’s angry she give him injection says you forget about Meet forever that’s why I have to give you the medicine no worries you will forget her soon and only think about me.

Meet breaks the wooden box with her punch. Mud start falling down.

Babita ask Barfi to video call Neelam. Barfi says wait I’ll do and she calls her. Barfi worried about Neelu and Meet Ahlawat.

Laila bring clothes for Meet Ahlawat she make him wear cap and shades. She gets call from Barfi, Laila get’s angry and disconnects her call.

Raj says Neelam is not in hospital that’s she didn’t answer. Babita says she could be in washroom let’s go there and check. Raj say’s okay

Laila take Meet Ahlawat on wheel chair.

Ishani see Meet’s hand coming out of ground.

Barfi gets call from Neelam. Laila in bed thinks everyone is in different condition after seeing Meet’s video, good I called her because from them I’m Neelu, bow I have to act like her so they don’t doubt me. Barfi says where were you. Laila says they took me for checkup inside so when I came put I called you first. Masum says to Raj look she is in bed and after looking her face she doesn’t look in the condition of doing whatever you said. Neelu ask is something wrong, everyone was calling me and you face look tensed, any information on Meet Ahlawat, where is he. Babita says you take rest. Neelu says please tell me what happen. Barfi smiles after hearing all this. Babita says you take rest everything is fine. She disconnects and laugh.
Babita says you still doubt her. Ram says we should call police and let them do there work, they will find the culprit, let’s tell them. Babita ask Masum to give her phone. Babita calls DCP says we have some information about our son please come and disconnects. Masum thinks so much is happening in this house and this information didn’t reach till there no worries I’ll go and give this information.

Laila praises herself for fooling Ahlawat’s.

Ishani hold Meet hand says don’t worry I’m here, she walks away to bring something. Meet push away everything. Ishani help her to get out of box.

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