Meet 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Meet 2nd March 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 2nd March 2023 Written Episode

Manmeet says to Mahendra now whatever I may have to do but I’ll throw her out of our life.
Meet says to Chanda I did everything but can’t understand what to do. Chanda says to Meet I think now leave everything to God they will show you the path.
Panditji says to everyone our Swamiji is coming. Jasodha says to Narendra I’ll go and meet Swamiji he only told us how to save Manmeet when he was young, I’ll go and ask him how to get rid off from Meet. Swamiji bow down infront of God.

Imarti walking in market. Narendra with Sapna. Narendra drags Imarti and asks who’s baby is inside you. Imarti says why does it matters to you, this baby is the key for me to live here. Narendra says you will make fool out of Sarkar. Imarti says what about you and Sapna you are also hiding about Sapna’s baby and she walks away. Sapna saya to Narendra forget about her just think when are we leaving for city.

Imarti says I have to arrange money before Guniya come so that whenever my family ask about my pregnancy she always says I’m pregnant with a baby boy but how I’ll arrange this much money, I have to think hard.

Panditji tells everyone about a special garland for couples, whoever gets that garland will live together forever. Sapna says Narendra this garland is blessed by Lord Shiv and Parvati and if I get that garland it will be a blessing for our baby too. Imarti wish to get the garland for Narendra and herself. Shagun says to Manmeet we will get this garland because we two are made for eachother. Manmeet says whichever couple get this garland is blessed forever and nobody can separate them. Shagun says I’m sure we both will be blessed with the garland. Shagun remembers bribing pandit so that Manmeet and Shagun get’s the garland. Chanda says to Meet I don’t think she will give you documents and in tomorrow’s match you will surely loose and if you lost the match you have to leave Sarkarpur forever.

Sundari walks inside the room where Anuja is locked, she see her in boy’s clothes and say’s I made an excuse of fever because everyone is out for Shivratris Pooja, she hands her the remaining money and says now you will go directly to hospital and if your operation get’s successful I’ll shout and tell everyone my son is here. Sundari says Badri is in house cooking so be careful when you leave the house. Anuja hugs her tightly.

Jasodha with Swamiji asks her how to get rid off of Meet. Everyone start praying. A pandit throws the garland and it lands ona couple. Chanda says to Meet why don’t you bribe pandit so that garland lands on you and between so to get rid off of you he will surely hive you papers. Meet says I can so anything to fulfill my Neet Ahlawat’s dream. Meet thinks I can’t find a way God please help me, you know very well he tricked me. Pandit throws garland in air. Meet walks toward God’s idol, she stumble and holds Manmeet to save herself from fall. Garland lands on Manmeet and Meet. Everyone start applausing for them. Manmeet and Meet in shock. Jasodha says to Swamiji please say something. Panditji says now you both are together forever now come forward as couple and offer holy water to God. Shagun says to other pandit what you did. He says I threw that garland for you but don’t know what happen. Chanda says to Meet you are blessed one more time now it’s your chance to use there fear for your benifit. Manmeet say’s to Pandit I’m sorry I cannot offer water with that girl. Pandit says do it this is the best time. Meet hear what pandit said, she walks to Manmeet says we should not get angry on God because of our relation and if you won’t do it then everyone in Sarkarpur will get wrong picture about Sarkar’s youngest son. Manmeet takes kalash from Panditji and offer holy water to god with Meet. Shagun remembers what Manmeet told her about the magic of garland. Jasodha get’s anxious. Swamiji says I can’t see Meet going out of Manmeet’s life. Jasodha says please don’t say this, you asked me to keep my boy away for 24 years, I kept him away, my boy wants the love from his family but Meet also came to our home with my boy, I just want my boy to be happy. Swamiji say’s today Lord Shiv and Maa Parvati got married and the garland falling on them indicates. Jasodha says stop this is not possible tell me some way I’ll do it. Swamiji says I have one way, keep that girl out of your house tonight because if she stayed tonight then she will get permanent in your house. Jasodha in tears. Manmeet pray to God says I want to show her that men and women are not equal I want to throw her out of my life. Meet pray to God says I need your help or else my Meet Ahlawat’s dream will not come true.

Shagun says to Meet I’m ready give me factory documents, if I took Manmeet’s signature on these papers you will leave us.
Sarkar says to Manmeet these are the documents for Alcohol factory sign them. Meet looks at them says this is my chance. Shagun serve them food and drops all the documents on floor. Shagun get down to pick up documents and cleverly place the documents in between. Manmeet sign all the documents.

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