Meet 30th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 30th June 2022 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 30th June 2022 Written Episode

Meet Ahlawat and Hoshiyar looking in someone’s house. Meet walks out and prays to tulsi plant. Meet Ahlawat lost in her. Hoshiyar says is it allowed to stare in anger. He says I’m looking at her disguise. She bring her laptop from inside and video calls Manushi. Meet Ahlawat says to her see she is talking to Manushi it’s her. Hoshiyar says if she is same then why she watching Manushis video online she could have gone home for makeup, although she is famous now because of music album as Mishi-Mishi, are you thinking of watching her doing makeup, how to find out more about her. Meet Ahlawat run away. Hoshiyar get’s scared.

Meet Ahlawat walks back to Hoshiyar. Meet get’s up and see light flickering. Meet Ahlawat remembers cutting wire of bulb and says to Hoshiyar if she is the same girl then she will fix that bulb. Meet walk towards bulb and see Meet Ahlawat and Hoshiyar and says why is this flickering you know how much I’m scared of darkness and start talking nonsense to bulb. Hoshiyar ask now what do you think. Meet grab stool. Meet Ahlawat says now she will bring her toolkit. Meet get’s a stick and start seeing video on how to repair bulb. Hoshiyar says she can’t be same she have to watch video to fix bulb. She repair to buld and says Manjari you are genius finally you fix the bulb and start dancing, she gets scared after seeing her reflection in mirror and crib about her makeup, she calls Popat Bua.

Popat Bua in market and predict and card. Man playing crads ask him how do you know. She predicts one more and gamble on her choice, she looses and gamble again with double or nothing, everyone gamble. Popat Bua wins the bet with cheating. Man finds out and ask her to gamble again. She says no and try tu run away. Man stops her and make her gamble again. Popat get ready and start shouting police, she grabs all the money and run away.

Duggu, Ram, Lakhan together. Duggu tell them Dad told me Tej is saying she is not Meet mami but Meet Ahlawat says she is Meet. Ram says earlier also Meet have disguised but for good deed. Duggu ask so let’s go and meet her I’ll get her address from dad. Ram Lakhan get’s excited. Ram says this is our secret. Babita walks to them and ask what is going on, I heard everything now it’s nota secret anymore but it can be if you take me with you. Three of them get’s excited. Babita says nobody should know about this specially Meet Ahlawat, now you all should leave. Babita says to herself I know you will feel bad my son when you will know I went to see Meet but it’s impossible for me to stop myself.

Popat Bua drink beer and throw bottle at man and enter Meet’s house. Meet Ahlawat and Hoshiyar outside. Hoshiyar ask did you see something, it felt like train passed us. Popat Bua with money in her hands standing infront of Meet. Meet says how many times I have asked you not to gamble do hardwork. She says you won’t understand this is also hard work, go and check is someone looking at me. She says there are 9-10 people coming this side. Popat Bua says I’ll handle inside you handle outside. Man see a card on ground says she must be hiding here letsygo and check. Meet walks to them and ask where are you going. Man says we know Popat is inside. She no my mom is inside meditating. Man says we know that lady is here we will go and check. She says come I’ll take you but go and remove you shoes at home. Everyone start shouting. Popat shouts from inside why there is so much of noise amd come out disguised as old lady with smoking coal. Every mem start coughing. She says I can see everything that you all are in trouble and everyone has ditched you in your life. Men ask is there any solution for this. She says everything will be fine now leave and blow smoke at them. Everyone leaves. Meet ask her to go return their money and apologies. Popat says make fun of her and leave. Hoshiyar says to Meet Ahlawat, person can change way of living but not his habits. He says nothing is wrong in that a cheater is helping a cheater.

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