Meet 4th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 4th February 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 4th February 2023 Written Episode

Manmeet in hie room working out and remember the time police taking Sarkar with them and Jasodha taking oath and he promising everyone to take revenge from Meet. Manmeet says after today’s marriage my revenge will be done and my mom’s oath will be fulfilled. Manmeet receive video call from Gunwanti. He in shock pick up call. Shagun on other side greet him and says today I have kept fast so you are able to take your revenge, I was missing you that’s why I called you. Manmeet scolds her says are you mad why are you trying to attract trouble and tell me why did you called me from Gunwanti’s number where is your phone.

Gunwanti ask Shagun did you tell Manmeet that you left your phone at Meet’s house. Shagun says no. Gunwanti just take care of yourself soon you will get married to him and I think god listened to oyr prayers that’s no one got your phone, now stop worrying about it and she leaves. Shagun says I’m worried Meet should not get my phone.

Pandit chanting prayer. Meet sitting alone for prayer. Panditji ask her to pray with flower for good and happy life. Meet remember her encounter with Shagun and Inspector Bhati tell her about something important but soon he left police station. She open her eyes says I’m unable to connect dots, something is wrong, I should call Bhati so that I can check footage. Meet calls him but his number is switched off. Babita walks her and ask about pooja and scolds her for using phone. Meet says one minute I need to call Bhati he asked me to call today morning. Babita scolds her says Manmeet is waiting for you to get married but because of your stubbornness you are making wait Manmeet too atleast think about her.

Manmeet sitting in mandap. Pandit ask to call bride. Manmeet looking towards stairs. Raj says Meet is here. Meet coming downstairs with Ragini and Ishani. Everyone happy to see her. Manmeet looks at her thinks I’m bringing Meet to you.

Jasodha standing with Meet’s photo. Jasodha ask Panditji to start havan, my son is bringing his bride for one day, today will be my life’s biggest victory.

Manmeet help Meet to enter inside mandap. Panditji ask to exchange garlands. Manmeet put garland on Meet. Meet remembers her time when she got married to Meet Ahlawat. Meet thinks I still feel sceptical about this relation but I trust you mom and dad that’s why I’m getting married to him and put garland on Manmeet. Everyone throwing flowers on them. Manmeet and Meet sit down for further rituals.

Inspector Bhati trying to free himself.

Panditji ask Raj to complete ritual for Kanya Daan. Raj praises Meet for her love and says to Manmeet I can guarantee you she will always keep you happy. Manmeet thinks I can guarantee you this will be your last happiness. Raj says I’m giving you my most important thing just take care of one thing she should not cry ever. Manmeet looks at Meet and nod his head.

Inspector Bhati free his hand and thinks I have to tell Meet before phera that he is son of Sarkar. Goons behind him drinking alcohol.

Panditji ask Babita to do further ritual of gathbandhan. Babita help to tie there knots and says this is slipping again and again don’t know why I’m unable to tie. Manmeet give another piece of cloth to tie them together. Babita guve thek blessings.

Inspector Bhati stand up and throw sand in there eyes and run away.

Meet says we will stick together with eachother in any condition and start taking pehra with them.

Jasodha tear Meet’s photo and throw it in havan. Everyone at Sarkar’s palace doing pooja.

Meet says to Manmeet promise me I’ll be getting same respect and love as you give it to your family.
Jasodha says you will get only hate and punishment from this family.
Meet slaps Manmeet and says go and tell your family this slap is for everyone and tell everyone he is som of Sarkar and Jasodha.

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