Meet 5th July 2022 Written Update

Meet 5th July 2022 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 5th July 2022 Written Episode

Sunaina make Manjari sit and wrap a cloth around her. Manjari ask her are you going to do my facial. A girl walk to her with scissors. Manjari get’s scared get up from chair and start shouting at Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat you have to look like person you are acting. Manjari says I won’t cut ny hair’s it took me so long to grow them. Meet Ahlawat says before meeting dad you have to look like her. Manjari says I’m sorry but I won’t cut my hairs and says I’ll leave. Sunaina says then you won’t look like her. Manjari says I won’t let anyone touch my hair. Hoshiyar sit with Popat and says ask your niece to do things according to deal. Popat says yes I remember but you didn’t told us to cut hair. Hoshiyar give her more money. Popat says I’ll talk to her, she ask Manjari to vut hair. Meet Ahlawat shouts enough and ask Sunaina to make her sit and cut hair.

Ragini says to everyone she changed everything but did you look in her eyes she have same love for everyone, she is same out Meet. Tej says she is right when she called me friend I understood she is same, you only tell me why any unknown person will talk about friendship. Isha walks in says she also called me younger sister even Ram and Babita shared there moment. Babita says I also feel like she is Meet.

Manjari holding scissors in her hand pointing towards people says I told everyone that I won’t cut my hairs, stay away from me. Hoshiyar try to talk to her but she spray water at him. Manjari says it took me so much of time and ingredients to grow them, I won’t cut. Meet Ahlawat says what the hell. Manjari show him scissors. Manjari don’t come close to me or I’ll kill myself. Hoshiyar says I’ll bring gujrati snacks for her. Meet Ahlawat says okay fine nobody will cut your hairs. Manjari says okay but if you try to do same I’ll run. Meet Ahlawat says calm down Sunaina asked beautician to go back. Manjari says this is okay. Meet Ahlawat says she use to call dad as Papaji, dad use to love her, consider her as her daughter, dad like tea made by her, he taught him how to make tea, both of them use to do prank on me. Manjari listen him carefully. Meet Ahlawat says there are five questions learn them and don’t say more then this. Manjari says don’t worry I’ll do it. Meet Ahlawat ask Hoshiyar to teach her haryanvi accent. Manjari says don’t worry give me one month time I’ll be perfect. He says you have to meet him in one hour. Manjari says these are relation it takes time and sometimes whole life you spend but unable to understand a relation with a person. Meet Ahlawat remembers his time and ask Manjari to learn everything so that you can answer dad and ask her to repeat an answer in haryanvi. Manjari answer him and gujrati accent. Meet Ahlawat says are you out of mind don’t you know the difference between haryanvi and gujrati and scolds her. Manjari ask popat to leave he won’t listen. Meet Ahlawat says wait I’m going and Hoshiyar will explain you everything. Popat praises Hoshiyar and says to Manjari he will teach you. Hoshiyar says yes.

Manjari and Hoshiyar practicing accent and all the answers. Meet Ahlawat walks to them. Hoshiyar says she is ready to meet Raj he says she is not ready. Meet Ahlawat says she is not ready and ask her to remove ghunghat says dad consider her as her daughter. Manjari says your wife was lucky and pray to god to have a father in law like Raj.

Everyone in hall. Isha at pin board pin some notes says done, with this truck we can confirm is she Manjari or Meet and onec we are confirmed that she is same then anybody say anything to us about her we don’t care, the important thing is how she will face Raj. Babita says I hope Meet Ahlawat has taught her good because it’s difficult to face Raj and understand him both things are different but Raj’s life stake is on this girl.

Meet Ahlawat, Hoshiyar and Manjari outside dad’s room. Meet Ahlawat says dad is inside and he is everything for me so please do as I asked don’t do something extra because it can hurt him, I want to see him smiling after seeing you so please no mistake. Three of them enter room. Meet Ahlawat walks to Raj says come and see who came to meet you. Rest of the family enter room. Manjari ask Meet Ahlawat to get up, she sit beside Raj hold his hand. Raj looks at Manjari and thinks of Meet says you are back, where were you, why did you leave me. Manjari in tears. Raj ask why are you crying, you feeling to cry after seeing me in this condition, don’t worry now you are here I’ll be fine soon. Manjari says I’m sorry papaji please forgive me. Raj ask for what, why are you apologising, are you alright. Manjari says im good in gujrati and realise her mistake. Raj ask what did you say. Meet Ahlawat says this means she is good. Raj says I liked the way you were before and start coughing badly. Manjari get’s panicked and calls Meet Ahlawat by Doudu Ram. Everyone in shock. Raj coughing badly Meet make him drink water from spoon.

Meet Ahlawat take her downstairs. Popat ask what happen. Meet Ahlawat says you act so well of being Manjari but she slipped infront of Dad, she was unable to hide your emotions. Meet ask what are you trying to say. He says your real face is out what you were hiding behind Manjaris name, you finally called me Doudu Ram.

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