Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 10th December 2019 Written Update

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 10th December 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 10th December 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amber getting the partition net hanged in the hall. Ghanshyam says work is done and tells that it is his idea and left much place. Amber tells that he didn’t give all the lawn to them and asks him to tie the net from the stairs till the gate. Pummy asks how I will come to lawn. She tells Shanti that she will teach her to make acchaar and selling which she can earn thousands. She asks her to go home. Amber says did we give salary to everyone. Ghanshyam says no. Shanti picks the net back. Amber asks Shanti to be wise and says you haven’t get last month’s pay and even this month. Nia comes home and asks what is all this? She asks Pummy not to fight with her dad and tells Amber to stay with them happily. She says they shall have dinner together. Guneet says Nia is right, they shall do dinner. Amber comes to his room upset. Nia asks why he don’t want to do dinner and tells that she is going tomorrow and will not tell him where is she going? Amber knocks on the door asking where is she going? Pummy tells that she wants to make Amber eat lizard etc. Guneet says if you fight with Amber then he will call Police and then we will go to Jugi. She tells that even we can’t get jugi in this rent and asks what she wants to eat, roti or paratha. Pummy says anything.

At the dining table, Amber and Pummy stare at each other while eating carrot. Guneet asks her to eat other things also. Nia says this vegetable is tasty. Amber tells that he knows to make many countries dishes. Guneet says really and tells that she knows only tandoori noodles and tells that she mixes noodles in tandoori chicken. She tells Guneet that she will give her easy recipe and asks her to take acchar made by her mother. Pummy asks her to make halwa also. Nia tells Guneet that she is going for orientation class for 2 days. Pummy asks when you are going to America. Nia says after 4 days. Pummy says family will go soon. Amber taunts her. Guneet tells that her work is to gather the people. Amber and Pummy taunt at each other. He asks Guneet to give 1 year security deposit to stay in the house. Guneet says from where I will get the money. Amber asks her to manage. Pummy asks Guneet to call Pinky and his goon. Guneet tells that they are not goons. Pummy curses Amber. Guneet tells that Amber is not their enemy and tells that KK is their enemy and she is foolish to believe him. She gets emotional and cries. Pummy says one day rajkumar will come for you. Guneet says she is Rajkumari of her house and tells that she wants to settle scores with KK once. She calls Amber and comes downstairs, telling that he has made the contract and asks from where she will get money. Amber says he can’t bear his mum. Guneet asks him to be reasonable. Nia tries to make him understand. Amber gives 1 month time to her. Amber says I can let you stay for a month then? Nia talks to kabir and tells him about Amber’s demand. Kabir says how she can give rent for a year. Nia says she didn’t tell him about her class.

Later she meets Guneet and tells that everything will be fine. She tells that Dad went in depression after mom’s death. She says mom was bridge between dad and the world, she used to socialize unlike him. Guneet looks at him. Nia says Dad used to stay in the room alone and tells that when she failed in the 11th standard, she told him if she shall also leave, then his life changed and he used to take her name many times. Guneet says you are like your dad and tells that kids can’t become their parents’ parents and says it is better for you both to understand. She says I can’t change anything now, but you can. She says human learn from his own mistakes.

Amber talks to Anjali’s pic and tells that he will manage everything. He asks what to do, you shouldn’t have gone, knowing how am I? he says you would have taken good care of Nia, don’t know why you was eager to go. He asks if she slept and says good night. He sleeps. He gets dream and hears Nia’s voice asking him to get up, and tells that she is leaving and will meet him after 2 years. He wakes up shockingly and calls her. He comes out searching her and looks inside her room. Nia calls him and says she is in storeroom. Amber says I was afraid and thought you went to America. Nia says I don’t go even to Shuklayan’s house without telling you. Amber says I thought you left. Nia smiles. Amber says you will stay in hotel and asks him to check for the hidden cam and microphone in the hotel. Nia says ok and tells that she will return in 2 days. Amber asks him to talk as she is going for 2 days.

Nia is leaving and meets the neighbors. Amber asks her to sit in car. Guneet signs bye to her. Amber asks her to stop, but Nia doesn’t hear him and goes. Amber brings icecream and gets sad seeing her gone. Guneet comes down and takes icecream from his hand. She says melting icecream shall be a sin and asks him to give three more icecream to Nia which are kept in the fridge. She tells him that she is making Spanish omelette and asks him to wait.

Precap: Amber comes to Guneet. Nia falls in the airport. A guy comes running and falls on her.!

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