Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th February 2020 Written Update

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amber messaging Baawra that she might not have received his first message and writes that he wants to meet her, whenever she says. Just then some error comes and the message doesn’t go. Just then electricity also goes. Nia tells Randeep that they should leave. Just then the electricity goes. Randeep says light will come in 5 seconds and starts the countdown. The electricity comes back. Nia is surprised. Randeep says I didn’t work in electricity department and tells that it takes few seconds for generator to start. He reads the news about the floods and tells that they shall leave immediately. Nia says we shall stay indoors and are safe here. She says Dad will get worried. Randeep says they will talk about romance in rain. Nia asks what? Randeep says he is taking about laptop. Nia says you have actuallya changed and have become focus. Randeep thanks her. Amber gets worried for Nia and checks the electricity box. Guneet calls pummy and Anurag and thinks don’t know if he is with Maa. She opens the door and comes out. She comes to Amber and asks if his phone working. Amber says no. Guneet gets scared and says you look dangerous and asks him not to be more dangerous. Amber asks did you see woh kaun this and tells that the lady in the film was having grace. Guneet says there is no electricity or network here, says this place is strange.

Amber asks shall I take this house to Delhi and asks her to shift to some other place. Guneet asks did I ask you to take the home somewhere. Amber says you want to throw all garbage here. She asks why did you open the junction box. Amber says we will have popcorn and see film together. Guneet says short circuit can happen. Amber switches on the inverter and says one fan and one light are on in your portion also. He says if she says more then he will switch it off. Guneet says he shall get hunter wali. Amber says he is not dying to talk to her. He slips and falls down. Guneet says I was bringing chair and you fell so soon. She reminds him of how she fell down.

Nia gets worried for dad and thinks he reached home or not. Randeep says he might have reached home. Just then electricity goes, Nia asks him to come out. Guneet tells Amber that her mother is stuck in Noida. Amber says even my daughter is stuck in Noida. Nia is scared in the office when someone knocks on the door. Nia asks who is there and is about to hit him, Randeep says I am. She asks why did you go? Randeep says he went down to get network. Nia gets touched. Randeep says I did this for me also and says if your dad have come here then this day would be last for me. He says I have brought this jacket. Nia says it is waste as you are drenched fully. She says she will bring towel, but gets tissue papers. She makes coffee and gives to him. She says your clothes are drenched, I will see if there are any clothes.

Amber and Guneet are sitting worried for Nia and Pummy respectively. Guneet tells Amber that Nia must be fine, as her friends are good. Amber says even your mum must be fine, doctor must not have let her alone. He asks her not to worry. He messages Guneet that he wants to chat with her right now and missing her. Guneet thinks don’t know where are you, might be stuck somewhere. Amber messages I wish I could tell you where I am stuck. They keep their phone on the table. He drinks tea making sound. Guneet gets up and says che…Amber tells that Doctor is good and asks her to make him sit on chair and do his jagrata for handling Pummy. Guneet says your BP and Sugar will be in control and says mouth organ lady is good and asks what happened with her, if organ broke or air came out. Amber says Doctor saheb will give you diabetes and tells that nobody can be much sweet. Guneet says I trust you, there is no treatment for doubt. Amber asks why don’t she marry him. Guneet says I will marry, but….Amber asks what did I hear? He says it is written on your face that you don’t want to marry him and says you like KK kinds of guys. Guneet asks why he is such and tells that she likes atleast some person and says you don’t like anyone. She says if we both are left on this earth then also I will not like you. She goes to her room.

Nia asks Randeep to come out. Randeep says I am feeling shy. Nia says this is the time to show off and asks him to come out. Randeep asks her to promise that she will not laugh. Randeep comes out wearing a girl’s tshirt, says it is small for him. He says even pant is drenched. Nia asks shall I give you Kajal’s skirt. He says no and asks if she is checking his abs. She says no. he asks her to show the way to kitchen as he wants to make coffee. Nia shows the way.

Amber argues with Guneet and says there is no clause written in the contract that owner will give inverter/light. Guneet says luck has become bad. Amber tries to take her phone. Guneet takes her phone back. Amber asks her to call Nia. Randeep makes noodles and asks her to have candle light dinner. She says she was very hungry. They eat the noodle. Randeep works on his laptop. Nia rests for a while. Amber calls Nia from Guneet’s phone and asks about her. Nia says she is still in office. He asks if someone is there? Nia says few colleagues are there. The call ends. Amber says a call can’t be completed on this phone and keeps the phone on the table. He sees heart to heart on her phone and asks if she is chatting with someone. Randeep asks why she didn’t tell about him. Nia says I will tell Papa that Mehendiratta son is after me. Randeep says you are changed. She says she has dad’s responsibility here. Amber tells Guneet that he will not run behind any guy on the bike now. He gives her lecture. Guneet says you got one girl as Nia was chatting with her and you went there and ruined it all. Amber says I don’t need to jump in the well to know that human dies after falling in well. Guneet asks if you are chatting with someone. Amber looks on. Guneet says you are chatting and tries to check his phone. Amber takes his phone in his hand. Guneet gets happy and says you are chatting and asks who is she? Amber asks her not to ask him many questions.

Precap: Guneet waits for Amber in the hotel. Amber comes there holding the bouquet and hides seeing Guneet. Guneet messages him.

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