Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th February 2020 Written Update

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Guneet asking Amber with whom he is chatting? Amber asks her to shut up. He says you are very experienced to chat and get betrayed. He asks if she don’t feel strange to chat in this age. Guneet says I chat with anyone, says it can’t be figured out in chat if the person is good or not. Amber asks her to search Doctor to treat mind. Later Guneet talks to Anurag and asks about Pummy. Anurag asks someone to come out. Guneet says we are alone at home. Anurag says internet guy came to repair internet and went inside the bathroom. Guneet knocks on the door and asks if he is coming out, or she shall come. Internet guy comes out. Amber says you have used my towel and soap. Guneet asks him to repair the internet fast. He says it will take a day. Guneet offers her goldway’s products to him. He says he will repair in half an hour. He checks the wires and says it is dusty. He asks why they are desperate for internet. They say no. Guneet says nothing shall be in non working condition. Amber asks for breakfast. Amber and Guneet make the food together. Guneet brings eggs. Nia comes home and is surprised to see them working together. Amber asks if she is fine. Nia tells that she is fine and tells that Randeep was in office with her. Amber gets upset. Nia says he had come for some work. She sees food on the table and says she will eat it.

Guneet stops her and says it is for him. They call the internet guy and feed him food. Nia asks if they adopt him. Amber says internet is not working so he called the guy to repair it. Nia asks if he did this for his chat friend. Guneet asks really and asks what is her name? Nia is about to tell, but Amber keeps hand on her mouth. Pummy returns home. Amber asks Guneet to go and meet her. After Guneet goes, Nia says baawra mann….Amber asks how did she know? Nia says she knows. Pummy goes inside after meeting Guneet. Guneet thanks Anurag for bringing her mum safely and gets emotional. She says if I had not met you then wouldn’t have known how good you are. She says nobody cared for my mum except me, and my Maa is very happy with you. Nia asks Amber if he has taken decision to meet her. Amber says yes, I will meet her. Guneet tells yes for the roka. Anurag thanks her and holds her hand. Nia asks Amber if he is ready. Internet guy says internet is coming now. He asks shall I leave? Guneet and Amber check their mobiles. Amber asks Nia to go. Guneet is about to message him, but stops herself. She tells Randeep that she said yes to Anurag. Randeep asks when? Guneet says she didn’t tell maa yet. Randeep asks her to tell dramebaaz. Guneet says if I shall talk to him or not.

Randeep says you can’t leave your friends for a life partner. Guneet says she likes him and he understands her before she tells anything. Randeep says like soulmate. Guneet says Anurag will be her lifepartner. She asks shall I tell my chat friend. Randeep says yes. Amber messages her that he wants to meet her. Guneet messages him that she agreed for roka. Amber gets shocked. Guneet gets shocked that he wants to meet her now. Amber sends bewakhoof, idiot message to Guneet. Guneet is shocked. She comes downstairs and thinks why shall I meet when he wanted to meet me. Amber comes from front and they path collide. They go different ways. Amber thinks she will scold him now. Pummy comes there and tells that she is going to stay in her Doctor beta’s kothi. Amber says he will keep you in mental asylum. Guneet comes there and gets angry on Amber. Amber asks her to go to that bewakhoof, idiot’s house. Guneet hears the same words and stops for a while. She then messages her chat friend that she don’t want to meet him. Nia comes to Amber and asks what did you do? Amber says I sent her bewakhoof, idiot to her. He says she will not meet me now. Nia says she must be upset and asks him to cheer her, praise her or do something for her. She leaves.

Amber tells her that since he got her first message, he has changed, clean dust from the window, wearing colorful tshirt and taking his medicines on time. He says I am trying to make myself better for you, sometimes I laugh and get happy without any reason because of you. He apologizes for the morning, writes that he was wrong, he will correct his mistake if she tells. Guneet gets emotional reading his messages.

Randeep comes to Office. Amber asks him to stay away from Nia. Randeep says I had gone there for work. Amber says I am giving you warning. He asks Upadhya if any booking came? Upadhya says no. Randeep asks Amber to sign on the agreement and says if anything goes wrong….then my head and your sword. He says everything will be fine in some days. He goes to his cabin. Guneet calls Randeep and tells that she is confused about Anurag and tells that online guy sent her a message, and it was like she was waiting for this message all her life. She says he called me to meet him and asks what to do. Randeep says I am confused about my feelings, how to help you. Guneet says she has to take her own decisions. He tells that he has convinced Amber in Nia’s style. He tells that when he gets businessman of the year award then he will take her name. Amber hears him. Randeep says Dad refused to give me money so I have to take money from market at high interest rates. Guneet asks him to talk to Amber before taking the loan. Amber misunderstands Guneet. He scolds Randeep for trying to make his business destroyed. Randeep tries to talk to him. Amber throws his phone and leaves from there. Randeep calls Nia and asks her to handle her father. Amber comes home and calls Guneet selfish and blames her for destroying his business. He says you are fooling doctor and will not marry him. Guneet says you will be left alone in the house and I will go first and then Nia will go. Amber says I will have Diwali.

Guneet asks him to celebrate alone. She says there are many people who want to meet her. Amber says they want to commit suicide. Guneet messages her online friend in anger that she will meet him. Amber fumes in anger. Nia comes there and asks him to relax. She asks did you raise your hand on Randeep. Amber says he will not leave him. Randeep comes to Guneet and apologizes to her. Guneet tells that she will not forgive Amber and tells that he said right that she can’t take decisions. She tells that she wants to meet her chat friend so that she don’t have repentance later. Nia sees his chat friend’s message and tells Amber. Amber smiles reading the message and tells Nia. Randeep says he will get her ready. Amber messages that he will meet her in her favorite café. He asks how I will identify you. Guneet says she will wear orange color stole. She shows her saree to Randeep. Randeep likes it. Nia asks Amber to forget everything whatever she had taught last time and just be yourself. Amber says so I will decide my clothing. He thinks what is left? He thinks his chat friend likes Indian clothes and wears kurta pyjama and waist coat. He gets ready. Guneet wears red saree and tries the jewellery. Nia comes to Amber and says perfect. She shows him beard. Amber says he will do. Nia says everything is perfect.

Guneet tells Randeep that she will go and asks him to stay in the house. She waves him bye and goes. Randeep sees Nia dropping Amber out of the house. Nia closes the door. Randeep asks where Mr. S went? Nia says to meet a friend. She says sorry from Amber’s behalf. Randeep says he will make everything fine. He says he will not let anything happen to Anjali tours and travels. He says happy valentine’s day. Guneet comes to the restaurant and gets a rose. She comes to the dancing area and dances with the people there. She sits on the table there and waits for her chat driend. Amber comes there in car and gets a bouquet from the shop there. oh mere dil ke chain plays…..Waiter asks if she wants to place an order. Guneet says not yet and asks for the way to washroom. He shows her way. She goes to washroom. Amber comes inside and looks for Baawra Mann…He comes to the table and goes away searching her. He sees Guneet coming and sitting on the chair. He thinks she will ruin his first meeting with his chat friend. Guneet asks the DJ to play the song aaj unse pehli mulaqat hogi. Guneet takes out orange scarf and wears it. Amber is shocked and thinks Guneet is Baawra Mann…

Precap: Amber comes home. Nia asks him about his date. Guneet is still sitting in the restaurant waiting for him..

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