Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd December 2019 Written Update

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd December 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd December 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Guneet’s friend telling her that it is good to loot a bank else she will not get a good house. Guneet says she don’t want to see that man’s face daily. Her friend asks her not to lose a good deal. Shri asks Kajal and Kabir to play game with him. Kajal asks Kabir if he will kiss Amber. Kabir says never. Kajal asks if you will tell Nia how much you love her. Kabir looks at her and says I refuse to answer this question. Kajal says I know you love her. Kabir says I don’t know. Shri challenges him to write his feelings on the paper. Kabir says I can do it and writes on the paper. He then sticks the note on the gift which he brought for Nia. Next day, he gives the gift to Nia. Nia takes it and is about to read the note, but Kabir takes it. Nia tries to get it. Guneet calls Nia and asks her to meet her. Kabir takes Nia’s pic and smiles. Nia comes back, takes the note from his pocket. Kabir is about to take it, but she refuses. Nia reads the chit and smiles. Kabir says he was drunk and wrote it. Nia says I know, but timing is wrong as she is going to US. Kabir says I know, but you don’t care about this note and concentrate on training. He says you know my feelings. Nia smiles and tells that she is going on a date with Guneet.

Guneet tells Nia that she needs house in her budget. Nia says I don’t think he will agree. Guneet asks her to have golgappa. Nia says you are mad like my Dad. Guneet and Nia have it. Nia tells about her mom. Guneet says sorry.

Guneet tells Nia that she will break two coconuts infront of God. Nia says she will try for the last time, but will have no idea how to convince her Dad. Guneet asks shall I think and tells that she can sell her product on the mountain also. Nia gets ready in her mother’s saree and smiles looking at herself. Amber is in his room. Nia smiles and says now I know, how you wooed mummy? Amber says don’t say much, I am going with you to have dinner as you are going after 10 days. He turns and looks at her. He says your mother’s saree is looking good on you. Nia asks him to praise her directly and says you can’t praise me. Amber says he will not dance on her tune. She asks him to dance and sings a song. Amber pulls her ears and says how can my daughter have such a rough voice. She asks will you come with me for a day. Amber asks Nia Sharma, will you come with me for a date. They leave in car.

Amber tells Nia that she is looking like a lady in saree. He talks about his marriage with Anjali. Kajal and Shri stop Kabir and asks what is happening? Kabir says if I have such friends then I shall keep suicide note in my pocket. He says she got my note. They ask what she said. Kabir says until I told her, I was not knowing her refusal. They pacify and hug him.

Nia and Amber come to the restaurant. They talk about Anjali. Nia says you are limited edition. Amber says God broke the machine after making me. Nia says I was thinking how can a person be mean and arrogant. She says who will refuse a lady roaming on the ground with her mum on the road, to give the house on rent. Amber asks if this is not the date. Nia starts feeling stomach pain and tells him. Amber asks waiter to bring bill and gets up. He then keeps the money when the waiter doesn’t come and takes Nia to the hospital. He asks Doctor to check Nia and give her pain killer. Doctor says let me check her. Amber says she is having appendix or stone in kidney. Doctor asks him to do the operation then. Amber asks him to check her. Doctor asks him to fill the form. Guneet is also in the hospital and asks Amber what happened to Nia. Amber says she is fine. Guneet gives her form to the receptionist and sits.

She cries. Amber sits on the chair and asks who is inside? Guneet says Maa and cries loudly. Amber gets up from his chair and offers his handkerchief. He then takes it back and gives her tissue papers. Guneet thanks him and continues to cry. Amber asks again about her mum’s age. Guneet says 67. Amber says then it’s ok. He says 65-67 is okay age..she has lived her life. Guneet says my mum is not dead, but she don’t have much time. She says Doctor said that may be she has just 1 year. She says I thought I will have my house and mum with me. She says I lost many family members, but still believed that my mum will be with me always. She says I always felt that I will never lose my mum. Amber connects with her emotionally.

Nia comes out, tells him that it was gas problem. She asks Amber with whom he was talking to? Amber says that lady who came to see our house and tells that her mum has only 1 year to live. Nia says what we can do when you decide. Amber asks if she can give the rent? Nia says yes. Amber says but I will not leave even a single rupee. Guneet peeps out of ward and signs Nia. Nia smiles. Amber asks her to come.

Precap: Amber sees Guneet coming to his house, late at night with her stuff.

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