Mere Rang Mein Rangne Waali 24th February 2015 Written Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangne Waali 24th February 2015 Written Update by Amena

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Waali 24th February 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dada ji apologizing to God saying he is guilty. He says today my grand son LD was in trouble and he would have died. I am responsible for it. He says anger and ego blinded me. How to repent for my mistake. He apologizes to LD. Jhanvi brings Dadi Bua there. Dada ji cries and apologizes saying he did a big mistake. Dadi Bua says it was just an accident and asks why you are blaming yourself. Dada ji says it was my plan. LD was unconsciously lying on the ground. Dadi Bua says we planned to separate him with Radha. Dada ji says I will go to Ashram early morning as I am restless. Dadi Bua says just now we have started our plan. He says he has to go Ashram. Dadi Bua says she will handle everything and make sure that Radha leaves.

Jayshree says she is happy that LD is fine now and wonders who cut the electricity wires. Everyone gets tensed. Jayshree thinks this is work done by old womaniya. She asks everyone to think about it. She tells that it was surprising. Radha thinks she is surprised as she didn’t think that LD would go to that extent to help her. Radha says our main concern is LD’s recovery. I am sure that Sir will enquire about it. I have noticed that the wires are hanging loosely in the air. Sadhna tells that elders will talk about it. Jayshree thinks elders will do and we have to just see. Dadi Bua asks her to take her to Dada ji’s room. She asks Chameli to bring suit case and tells Sadhna that he is going to Ashram. Sadhna says she will do the packing. Dadi Bua says she will do and asks him to take care of the guests. Shyamali thanks Radha. Radha says she did the needful. She says her heart stopped seeing LD’s condition. Jayshree thinks she will find proof against old womaniya.

Jhanvi tells LD about Radha giving him mouth to mouth respiration. LD is surprised and wonders if everyone saw that. Jhanvi says yes and says it was needed. Radha brings hot milk for him. Jhanvi asks her to apply ointment on his back and leaves. Radha asks him to lie down for the ointment. LD looks at her surprisingly. Radha asks why you are staring. LD thinks he would have hugged the pipe if she continues to care for him. Radha says everyone was tensed. Mere Rang Me plays as they stare each other. Radha asks him to stop the radio and let her apply the ointment. LD lie down on the bed. She applies ointment on his back. LD smiles and teases her. He asks her to be with him always. Radha says I am leaving. LD stops her and asks her to give a chance to thank her. Radha says no thanks and no sorry in friendship. LD says my line for me, I like it. He says if you accepted me as your friend then say it. Radha turns and says friends. LD says my charm is like that. Radha says I am sure that you got well, cheapo. She smiles.

Banwari tells Govind not to hide his pain and asks did you think why did it happen? Govind says we all know why it happened. Banwari asks him to accept Radha and says she is very clean hearted girl. She says she accepted us as her family. He praises Radha for saving Dada ji and LD. He asks him to accept Radha as bahu. Govind goes to see the arrangements of the dinner. Banwari thinks how to tell that Radha even took wine blame on her.

Dadi Bua checks the noodles and asks Radha what did you make. Radha says she made chinese food. Dadi Bua tells that Guru Maa is coming as a guest. Radha says I was asked to make food which I knows well. Dadi Bua says this is Mathura, you should have asked. Radha asks her to give permission to serve food to Guru Maa. Dadi Bua agrees. She asks Chameli to tell Maharaj to get ready with the food. Sadhna asks why? Dadi Bua tells that she knows well that Radha will cut her nose, that’s why she asked Maharaj to make the food. She asks Sadhna to come. Radha prays to God that Guru Maa shall like the food. Guru Maa comes home. Dadi Bua and Banwari greet her. Sadhna takes her permission and do the aarti. His shishya asks about Radha. Radha introduces herself. LD comes and greets her. Her shishya give them flowers as blessings. Dadi Bua tells that food is ready. LD says I know you will win today. Radha thanks LD for his support.

Radha serves Guru Maa. Her Shashiya says Guru Maa won’t eat this food. Radha gets shocked.

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