Mere Sai 12th September 2019 Written Update

Mere Sai 12th September 2019 Written Update by MA

Mere Sai 12th September 2019 Written Episode

Sai thanks black cat for her help and says he knows what is the upcoming trouble and has to do a lot to protect his people. He sees a man coughing profusely and asks if he is fine. Man says he had spicy food, so he is coughing. Chihu tai rushes to Dwarkamyi searching Sai, but doesnot find him and continues searching him. Sai walks to Bhima’s house and asks if everything is fine at home. Bheema says yes by his grace. Sai senses Govinda in severe pain and rushes towards house asking him to have patience. Chihu rushes to Bhima and asks if she saw sai. Bhima says Sai passed from here just now.

Kulkarni looks at photoframe and says he will fix British government’s given reward in it. He yells that Shirdi people asks Panta to spread a news that he has treatment for spreading epidemic;

he will treat only rich people and loot them till they die and will send poor people directly to rehabilitation camp. Rukmini hears his plan and walks inside home. She hears door knock at back door and opens it. She is shocked to see Chichu tai draped in blanket who says Govinda is severely ill and she came here to take dada/Kulkarni’s help as she thinks he will help Govinda even if he hates her. Rukmini thinks Govinda must be affected by the epidemic which Kulkarni was suffering, says Kulkarni is blind in fake pride and will not help her, so she will silently get her medicine. She enters Kulkarni’s medicine room and tries to pick medicine when bottle falls down. Kulkarni rushes up and asks what is she doing here. She says she was cleaning room. He yells that he had to come leaving important work and she should clean house carefully. Once he leaves, Rukmini gives medicine to Chihu and asks her to go soon and give it to Govinda.
A woman asks her husband to give her money to get some grocdery and clothes for their daughter. Man says he doesn’t have any money. Woman fights with him saying at least he can give better cloth and food to their daughter. Man says he really doesn’t have any money. Sai passes by. Woman requests Sai to treat her daughter with his oodhi/ash. Sai says her daughter doesn’t need oodhi as she is suffering from malnutrition and needs proper nutritious food. Woman says she doesn’t have money to get nutritious food. Man says he really doesn’t have money. Sai says he can get some money from the pot and spend it on his family. Man says there is no pot with money in his house. Sai says he can sense a pot underground where he is standing and asks man to dig it. Man digs ground and sees termite, then further digs and finds his hidden pot and money totally gutted by termite, cries that he had hidden money in the backyard, how did it come here. Sai says if he had spent this money on his family, this wouldn’t have happened. Man says he had kept it for their bad times and thought woman always overspend, so he didn’t give them money.

Precap: Panta with goons picks ill Govinda and drags him towards Kulkarni’s house while Govinda calls Sai for help. Sai hears him..

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