Mere Sai 13th August 2019 Written Update

Mere Sai 13th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Mere Sai 13th August 2019 Written Episode

Sai remembers his younger days in ashram his guru was fond of him and other students are jealous of him because of that and think of teaching him a lesson. Tatya asks Sai if they troubled him. Sai says trouble is a state of mind, if one does not bother, they will not feel troubled. Sai goes into flashback again where he cleans ashram lawn when his fellow students continue to throw garbage repeatedly. Sai continues cleaning until students get tired and give up. At night, guruji starts dinner with students when Sai takes a bite and starts coughing due to extra chilli power in curry. Fellow students reminisces adding chilli powder. Guruji feeds him water and asks what happened. Sai says food stuck in his throat. Guruji asks him to be careful. Fellow students look jealous while Sai completes his

food. Guruji notices that. While asleep, Sai gets severe stomacache. Guruji notices that, gives him medicine and asks him to take a fresh air to feel better. He explains him connection between stars and moon and them even though stars and moon are far away. Raghunath thinks who will bear so much troubles, Sai is either lying or he is oversmart. Sai tells patience is the key for a peaceful life.
Jhipri asks Sai if Guruji did not find out about the trouble he was undergoing. Sai goes into flashback again where fellow students drop water on Sai’s bed at night. Sai walks aside and sleeps shivering. Guruji wakes up at midnight and sees Sai’s bed wet and him sleeping aside shivering. In the morning, Guruji tells Sai if he has any problem, unless he expresses it, nobody can help him. Sai says he does not have any problem. Jhipri says how can he face so many troubles calmy, she wouldn’t have tolerated. Ali jokes. Baizamaa asks them to listen to Sai silently.

Sai continues his flashback where Guruji gathers students and asks them what is most important in life. Sai sits cutting vegetables listening to them. Guruji asks if he will not participate. Sai says he is incapable to even answer. Guruji says he will decide that. One student says knowledge, without which they cannot gain anything in life and wouldn’t have been here. Guruji says wrong. Each student gives different answers while Sai finishes cutting vegetables and says if he had not cut vegetables, all students would have had food late. Students smell a stinky smell and look at a man standing near door. Guruji asks him to come in. Man walks in and requests guruji for help showing his leprosy stricken body.

Precap: Guruji tells Sai that he gave him all the knowledge he knew, what is his motto in life. Sai says faith and patience.

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