Mere Sai 13th February 2023 Written Update

Mere Sai 13th February 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Mere Sai 13th February 2023 Written Episode

Barat arrives at Dwarka Mai for the wedding. Shiv Shankar and Malini welcome groom and his family. Shiv Shankar asks Malini to go get Rajo for rituals. Naresh’s father says to Shiv Shankar you have made such nice arrangements in such short time. Sai walks in and says the credit goes to someone else.

Sandhya tells Sai she is very grateful for Sai and says she dreamt of having wedding here in Shirdi and Sai fulfilled her wish. Sai says its all Gods wish, and he decides what to do. Sadhya says Sai you are one who resolves devotees problem.
Naresh’s father asks who made thede beautiful arrangements. Sai says Champaklal from your village. Sandhya says we know him very well and if he has done it we are sure there will be no issues, Naveen and Naresh were classmates as well. Naresh’s father asks how come Champaklal is here. Sai says as per your say, it looks like Naveen is a nice guy. He says yes, Naveen is very generous and kind, he used to teach children in our Village in his free time. Sai says how come such boy ne arrested for theft. Naresh says I can’t believe Naveen bhaiya can steal.

Sai says Naveen is accused of robbery at a very wealthy mans house and got caught here in Shirdi and is in jail in Nagar. Naresh’s father says this is not possible, Naveen and his whole family is known for their honesty, he is falsely accused there must be mistake. Sai says its mistake if its not purposely done.

Shiv Shankar says its wedding date, lets not discuss all this. I will go see if Rajo is ready. Sai stops Shiv Shankar and says give this to Rajo. Sai stops Shiv Shankar and says give these bangles to Rajo as a gift from me. Shiv Shankar says this is priceless.

Malini gets Rajo ready and says I know you don’t want to get married but your father is not your enemy and he is doing all this for your good future. Rajo says I have given my fate in Sai’s hands. Shiv Shankar hears that.
Shiv Shankar walks to Rajo and says you think I am heartless but few years later you will know why I did this and see what Sai gave you and this means even Sai thinks this is right, let me put these bangles in your hand. Rajo says I will wear it myself. Shiv Shankar says don’t be upset, give me your hand. Shiv Shankar sees marks on Rajo’s hand and asks what is this?
Rajo tells Shiv Shankar, that she tried committing suicide when she got to know she has to marry someone else, she loves Naveen.

(Naveen sees Rajo trying to commit suicide and goes stop her. Rajo says Baba wants me to marry someone else and I can’t live without you. Naveen says to her , don’t do this and Naresh is a good boy and family is also well to do, you will live happily there. Rajo says all this doesn’t matter, I love you and I can’t marry someone and spoil everyone’s life and so its better I die, you can’t stop me.
Naveen says I will talk to Shiv Shankar and beg him till he say yes. Rajo says and we will live happily together. Rajo gives Naveen Puran Poli and says I know you love this, I heard about marriage and I got upset. Naveen says I will eat puran poli made by you all my life, till then you take care of yourself, I will leave now).

Malini says Rajo, Naveen is a thief. Rajo says then why will he save me and I know he would never do something like this, I do everything Baba says but now when I am saying I am.not happy, why do all this. Malini says Barat is here, its high time now. Rajo says I don’t want to marry, I was running away but Sai stopped me and made me realise you love me and if you do why don’t you let me marry Naveen. Shiv Shankar says Rajo this is a big mistake, Naveen and you can never happen, I love you and will do everything for your good and now if you don’t want to insult me lets go.

Naresh starts doing rituals, Rajo walks in, in tears. Rajo looks at Shiv Shankar in anger. Panditji asks Rajo to stand infront of Naresh.
Shiv Shankar thinks of how Champaklal saved him and his family and about Rajo that she doesn’t want to marry.
Rituals about to begin, Shiv Shankar stops everyone and says this wedding can’t happen. Rajo smiles. Naresh’s father asks whats wrong. Shiv Shankar says I am sorry but my eyes opened late. Sandhya asks did our Naresh do something wrong. Shiv Shankar says he is gold, I can’t explain now because I have to go somewhere but Rajo can’t marry him. Shiv Shankar leaves.

Sandhya asks Sai what all is this happening. Sai says have faith and patience we all will understand why this happened.

Champaklal visit Sai at Dwarka Mai and says we are leaving for Nagar, don’t stop us now. Sai says I won’t stop you but you have left something behind.

Precap: Maharaj giving pravachan, a devotee asks him meaning of a book, he takes a look and thinks I don’t know the meaning what should I do now?

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