Mere Sai 16th March 2023 Written Update

Mere Sai 16th March 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Mere Sai 16th March 2023 Written Episode

Sai asks Shishupal to touch Patil’s forehead. Shishupal says sure, but why. Sai says a hearty prayer by someone always helps, so pray for him and touch his forehead. Shishupal says okay and prays for Patil’s health and touches his forehead.
Patil gains consciousness. Everyone surprised by the miracle.

Sai introduces Shishupal to everyone and Appa Patil. Tatya asks Patil does he know Shishupal. Patil says no I haven’t met him. Baizmaa asks Sai what this connection. Sai says have faith and patience you will find answers to all your problems meanwhile he is my guest please let him stay at your place. Patil says surely. Shishupal says no thank you, I will stay in Dharamshala. Patil says to him, there is no issue we are happy we could be of some help to you. Shishupal thinks why does Sai want me to stay with some unknown people.
Patil thinks is there some relation with my bad deeds but what wrong have I done to him.
Baizmaa thinks what wrong has happened.

Sai asks Tatya to dig a whole outside. Abdul says let me help him. Sai says no, Tatya has done this mistake, so he has to fix it. Tatya thinks what have I done wrong. Patil and Baizmaa thinks has Tatya fought with someone or done something wrong.
Patil asks Sai what did Tatya do?

Tatya digging a pit, Sai walks to him and gives a plant and asks him to plant it and says today when you were bringing Patil here, you stepped on this plant and it still has life, so if you plant it, it will grow again. Tatya says sure Sai and plants it.
Baizmaa and Patil say they were scared seeing all this. Sai says I just said Tatya did a mistake why be so negative about it, negative thoughts trouble us from inside and imbalance us and so don’t think much time will answer all our doubts, just keep doing your work.

Shishupal says to Sai, I will trust the process. Patil says you cure ohr doubts before they get on to us. Shishupal says after so long I feel positive. Sai says its because of your positive thoughts and Patilji I hope you will take proper care of your guest. Patil says okay.
Everyone leaving, Sai asks Baizmaa to stay.

Patil reachesbhome, Baji happy to see him, hugs him. Shishupal sees Baji and Patil and misses his grandson Bablu.
Shishupal hugs Baji thinking he is Bablu and says why did you leave me, I miss you so much.

Baizmaa asks who are these laddu’s for. Sai says for Shishupal, he loves them and take this chess board with you and says take this as well and if Patil feels better ask him to play with Shishupal and these vegetables are Shishupal’s favourite. Also the most important thing, try and keep Shishupal happy as if he is staying with his own family.
Baizmaa says Sai you want us to repay for our bad deeds with good deeds but what wrong has happened?
Sai says to her, for now lets focus on Patil’e health and all your questions will be answered when right time comes.
Sai picks two pouches and leaves.

Baji says to Shishupal, why are you so sad, who is Bablu?
Shishupal says to him, Bablu is my grandson and I miss him. Tatya asks where is he now?
Shishupal says to Tatya, he is tired and wants to rest. Tatya says okay.

Sai visits Shama and asks him to.go Wakodi near Shani temple and bring the owner of the house here and give these to his family so that when the man comes here, the family will need this. Sai tells Shama he has to reach within 2 days or else all will be left to God.

Madhur comes home, Bhavna asks what did lawyer say. Madhur says he rejected the case, I don’t see any hope now. Bhavna tells him that one baba visited and ask me to come to Shirdi, he looked like a fakhir, he was old but looked very divine. Madhur thinks of Sai he met near lawyer. Madhur tells he met same Baba. Bhavna says lets go then. Madhur says I have to be here for the case and my daughters wedding to take place peacefully.
Madhur’s daughters in law visit and cancel the wedding and leave.

Shishupal wakes up with a headache. Rambha massaging Tatya’s head. Baji says even I want to give Baba massage. Shishupal remembers the same incident happened in his house and how similarly his grandson Bablu wanted to give massage and gave him one.
Patil aske Baji to give Shishupal massage. Shishupal says I am fine no thank you. Patil says you are like our family member. Baji says once I give you massage you will never want to leave us and starts massaging Shishupal. Shishupal thinks, Sai this kid reminds me of my grandson.

Shishupal has food and says I had forgotten how home food tastes. Thank you so much for this Baizmaa.
Madhur about to commit suicide.

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