Mere Sai 22nd September 2021 Written Update

Mere Sai 22nd September 2021 Written Update by Pooja

Mere Sai 22nd September 2021 Written Episode

Sai tells Bheema to inform everyone that there will be Sundar kaand paath in Dwarkamai in the afternoon. Everyone should come. Bheema nods and goes to inform everyone.

Dabholkar ji asks Dixit ji how could Kulkarni ji openly to ask him that. It proves that he might have done it in the past too. Dixit ji smiles upon noticing Sai in front of them. Dabholkar ji recalls the dream where Sai had asked him if He should invite him separately. You keep complaining that I dint invite you. Dixit ji greets Sai and introduces Him to Dabholkar ji. Sai says I know him and he knows me too. Dixit ji smiles. I tried to stop him for another day but he isn’t willing to stay back. Sai asks Dabholkar ji to stay back for 1 more day. There is Sundar Kaand paath in Dwarkamai today. Attend it and then leave tomorrow. Dabholkar ji thinks that he does not want to listen to this Fakir but it would be wrong to say no to the Paath. Dixit ji and Vaishnav request Dabholkar ji who agrees. Sai remarks that he came to give an invitation. It is time to leave now. Sai walks away and looks at Dabholkar ji. Dixit ji tells Dabholkar ji this was Sai’s invitation only. You said that he hasn’t invited you yet but he has now. You agreed as well. Dabholkar ji replies that he is going to hear the paath only and not for Sai.

Tatya tells Sai to let them do this. We are here now. Sai tells them that no one will do anything. I will do all the chores of Dwarkamai on my own from now onwards. Everyone is curious as to why Sai is saying no. It will take a lot of time if you do this single-handedly. Sai firmly tells them that He wont change His decision. Bheeva asks Him why but Sai does not give an answer.

Vaishnav asks Dabholkar ji why he is so worried. Sai is not a bad person. Dabholkar ji asks him what he knows about that Fakir. Everyone in Shirdi is under His spell. I am worried that He can feed me something because of which I will fall in His trap too. Vaishnav reasons that no evil can stand in front of Hanuman ji. We are going to attend Sundar Kaand Paath after all. Dabholkar ji calms down.

Everyone is gathered in Dwarkamai. Sai is singing Sundar Kaand. Dabholkar ji starts clapping along and closes his eyes. A scorpion crawls over him. Sai looks on. The scorpion is near Dabholkar ji’s ear. Vaishnav notices it and screams in shock once the Paath ends. Everyone is taken aback. Dabholkar ji panics. Vaishnav takes a long stick and tries to remove the scorpion but Sai stops him. Your Bhau ji’s childhood fear wont go away if you remove the scorpion today. He tells Dabholkar ji to think. This was on you since a long time but you weren’t afraid till the time you were thinking about Ram ji. You have to do that now as well. Everything will be fine then. Bright light emanates from Sai. Dabholkar ji notices it and closes his eyes. He starts chanting Jai Shree Ram and manages to hold the scorpion with his bare hands. His hands are shaky but he keeps chanting Jai Shree Ram. Sai smiles as Dabholkar ji frees the scorpion on the ground. It crawls away. All the villagers are surprised.

Vaishnav runs to Dabholkar ji. What happened? Are you fine? Sai says he is fine. He is a little shocked though as he is wondering how his decade old fears disappeared like this suddenly. He dint feel scared when his dreams turned real, right? Dabholkar ji nods. I have a lot many questions though. I couldn’t feel it when the scorpion crawled on me. I felt afraid when I realised its presence on me. I chanted Jai Shree Ram when you told me to. I even held it in my hand and wasn’t afraid. How did it happen? Sai says that’s what I told you to do it when you had first come to Shirdi. Mercy and kindness will help you overcome your fears. You kept thinking of God today and it is an emblem of faith. Your fear disappeared when you decided to have faith. This fear was in you since years. Do you remember that you used to live with your Kaka and Kaki in the childhood. Your Kaki left you alone one day.

Flashback shows Kaki telling Dabholkar ji that she is going to a relative’s house and she had closed the door from outside. It gets dark. Dabholkar ji decides to open the window. He notices a scorpion crawling inside and panics. He bangs at the door and asks his Kaki to open the door. The scorpion crawls towards Dabholkar ji. He covers his eyes. Flashback ends.

Sai says Kaki took some time in returning home. You were afraid by the time she was back and that fear has not left you since then. Dabholkar ji asks Sai how He knows this. Dixit ji says this is what we were trying to tell you. Sai knows everything and He has a solution for everything. Vaishnav tells Dabholkar ji that even he has faith in Sai now. Your age old fear disappeared when you came to Sai. Dabholkar ji asks Sai if he wont feel afraid of scorpions now. Sai reasons that that fear was of loneliness. I am with you now. Think of Ram ji when I am not around. You wont feel afraid anymore. Villagers smile.

Dabholkar ji folds his hands and apologizes to Sai. I misunderstood you when you were actually trying to save me in my dreams. Sai stops him from touching His feet. You very well know that everything happens as per Shree Krishna’s wish. Dabholkar ji asks Him why He addresses him as that famous poet. I haven’t even written a line. Sai smiles. You will know when it’s time. Sai hugs Dabholkar ji. Everyone smiles. Santa and Banta realise that Dabholkar ji has become Sai’s devotee too. Sarkar will take out his anger on us only. They leave to inform Sarkar.

Dixit ji asks Dabholkar ji if he is still in a rush to go back. Dabholkar ji denies. I wont leave Sai and go anywhere now. Sai smiles.

Santa and Banta are worried that Sarkar wont spare them after finding out about Dabholkar ji. He has threatened Sarkar already. He will stop Sarkar’s illegal activities if he decides to stay here. He can also make Sarkar lose his post as Mukhiya. He ends up colliding with Sarkar. Sarkar hits him and Banta as well. Don’t forget that you are paltry to all that I do. He gives them chores as punishment and sends them off to work. Sarkar decides to accept the truth that Dabholkar ji will create hurdles in his path if he decides to stay in Shirdi. I must do something. He writes a letter. Hari Om!

Precap: Few ladies share that they wont be able to continue coming to the workshops anymore. Baizama suggests discussing it with Sai once. Men and women head to meet Sai in groups. They see Sai trying to ride a bullock cart using one wheel and wonder how it will run this way.

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