Mere Sai 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Mere Sai 23rd May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Mere Sai 23rd May 2023 Written Episode

Sai gives a mirror to Sonali and says here see your mother, you look exactly like you lr mother and says your Nani thought its your mother Sandhya. Sonali hugs Godhabai.
Security checks Sonali’s room and thinks she is sleeping on the bed.

Prabhakar asks Vaishali did Sonali eat anything. Vaishali says no she is sleeping since morning. Prabhakar goes to Sonali’s room to check on her. Prabhakar sees Sonali isn’t in the room.

Sonali asks Godhabai, why did Papa lie you are not alive and why didn’t you come to see me. Godhabai tells Sonali, she always use to point out to Prabhakar that he doesn’t give attention to your mother and during your birth your mother passed away and he blamed me for it and broke all ties with me and so may be he told you I am no more, I have requested him so many times that I want to meet you and wrote letters too but didn’t get any response.
Sonali gets angry and says Papa never gave me time and kept you away who could give me love. Godhabai says forget the past be happy. Sonali says he is bad he just can blame others. Sai says to Sonali, your father isn’t bad person, he is just caught in a situation where he thinks wealth is everything and if God wants he will get over it.

Prabhakar reaches the location and calls Sonali. Sonali walks to him and says you liar. Prabhakar blames Sai for turning his daughter against him. Prahlad says Sai knows nothing about this, I brought Sonali here. Sonali says good I came, you kept working so go ahead but why did you keep my Nani away from me. Prabhakar sees Godhabai. Sonali says to him, and says I longed from someone close but you kept her away from me. Prabhakar says she couldn’t take care of your mother, Prabhakar walks to Godhabai and asks her to stay away from Sonali and drags Sonali home. Godhabai asks Sai, why did this happen. Sai asks Godhabai to have faith and patience.

Sonali calls Prabhakar heartless. Prabhakar says you are getting married thats it or else. Sonali walks to Vaishali and says I am ready to marry Prahlad because he understands me and my happiness, unlike my father and we will go to London and stay away from this man. Prabhakar says O just want you to marry him and leaves.

Sai asks Prahlad what is he thinking about Sonali and feels bad about her. Sai asks him do you still think Sonali is at fault. Prahlad says no Sai. Sai says thats what I am trying to explain, you were raised by people around who love you but Sonali was raised alone and give materialistic happiness and today she found the truth and you see the change. Prahlad says I agree Sai, Sonali is a good girl and I am ready to marry her but I don’t want to go to London, I want to stay in Shirdi.

Kulkarni walks to Prahlad and says I knew I will find you here and now you know Sonali is a good girl and I promise you I won’t send you to London just get married to Sonali and stay here with us in Shirdi. Sai says to Prahlad have faith in God.

Kulkarni comes home with Prahlad. Prabhakar gets angry. Kulkarni stops him and says its time for happiness because Prahlad has agreed to marry Sonali. Tejaswini gets happy and says I kenw you will take right decision. Prahlad says I took this decision because of Sai and Kulkarni has promised we won’t go to London and stay here. Kulkarni says yes me and Prabhakar have made this decision, Prabhakar join Kulkarni in his act and says anything for Prahlad’s happiness. Tejaswini says to Kulkarni did you fall for Sai’s black magic too. Kulkarni says I am doing everything for Prahlad. Prahlad says I have one more favour to ask, British Government has made English mandatory in schools and so is appointing a teacher in every school, here’s the form send this application to Nagarpalika and I will get a permanent job in the new school and after marriage I will be able to look after Sonali too. Kulkarni thinks he is definitely Keshav’s son wants to be a teacher. Tejaswini says not at all. Kulkarni says don’t force him. Prahlad says okay sign right away I will send it today its last day. Kulkarni says sure and signs the form and asks Santa to send the letter.
Prahlad and Tejaswini leave.

Kulkarni says to Prabhakar my grand son is ready, Prabhakar says I don’t need lies to convince my daughter and don’t forget before marriage I want the land. Keshav hears that Kulkarni has tricked Prahlad. Kulkarni says tomorrow before wedding, the land will be yours.

Keshav walks to Dwarka Mai and hears Salim telling Sai how his raw material is late and he is in problems and sounds like God has forgotten me. Sai explains to Salim that faith is important, there will be high and low but have faith in God that all will be for good. Keshav asks Sai why does God always tests kind people, I am worried for Prahlad and don’t want him to fall for my father’s lies.

Precap: Sai tells Godhabai its Sonali’s wedding today and will she go without blessing her.
Kulkarni says to Prabhakar for my peace and Sonali’s happiness, Prahlad will agree to go to London, just let this wedding take place properly. Prahlad hears that.

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