Mere Sai 24th May 2023 Written Update

Mere Sai 24th May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Mere Sai 24th May 2023 Written Episode

Keshav says to Sai, I understand I should have faith in God but I am just asking what I see, my father isn’t a good man but still has wealth. Sai says Duryodhana had lot of wealth and power but Krishna choose Arjun and that is because God always chooses the kinder once and support them throughout and when God is with you why br scared.

Prahlad sneaks in Sonali’s room. Sonali says what are you doing, if someone sees you they will scold you. Prahlad says your body guards are busy eating and here you Nani made your mothers fav sweets for you. Sonali says I love Besan Laddu, me and my mother are so similar. Sonali thanks Prahlad. Prahlad tells Sonali that without discussing with her he has agreed to marry her. Sonali says I did same and says I want Nani to attend our wedding. Prahlad says pray to Sai and your wish will be fulfilled. Sonali prays to Sai. Prahlad thinks he should tell Sonali about his dream. Sonali thinks I should tell Prahlad about my London plans.
Vaishali calls Sonali. Prahlad quickly leaves.

Sonali and Prahlad’s wedding arrangements begin. Kulkarni supervising work and asks them to work quickly.

Godhabai walks to Sai and says I will return to my hometown, I am grateful that I could meet Sonali and Prahlad is a very kind boy. Sai says will you go without blessing Sonali. Godhabai says I want to see her but her father doesn’t like me and I don’t want problems for her. Sai says go carefully and may God bless you.

Santa walking to Vada after making arrangements. He throws Prahlad’s letter and leaves. Few kids pick paper thinking Santa has thrown garbage. The sees its in English and read Prahlad’s name on it and go to give it to Prahlad.
Kids visit Prahlad and say Santa threw it by mistake and we read your name on it. Prahlad gets confused seeing letter.

Keshav praying in temple, Rukmani says it’s your sons wedding what are you doing here. Keshav says Sai said have faith in God but I am scared. Rukmani starts chanting, Keshav joins her.

Kulkarni gives Prabhakar land papers and says don’t forget my deal. Prabhakar says don’t worry Sonali won’t stay in India and I know how to convince someone forcefully. Kulkarni says once Prahlad gets married for mine and Sonali’s happiness he will agree to go to London someday, just let this wedding take place. Prabhakar and Kulkarni turn around and see Prahlad.
Kulkarni walks to Prahlad, Prahlad shows him letter and says Santa threw this away. Kulkarni says don’t worry you don’t need any application, I will make sure you get the job. Prahlad says I heard you two talk, I trusted you again but you again betrayed me and made fool out of my love, you are a liar. Kulkarni says there is misunderstanding, you have to go to London dor for somedays like a Honeymoon and so I asked Santa to not send the letter.
Prahlad asks Kulkarni why are you doing all this. Kulkarni says for Sonali’s happiness won’t you go. Prahlad says I will talk to Sonali right away and leaves.
Prabhakar asks Kulkarni to stop Prahlad from talking to Sonali or else everything will be ruined.

Prahlad walks to Sonali and asks do you want to settle in London after marriage. Sonali says to him yes, I want to stay somewhere my father isn’t around me and knew about this right. Prahlad says yes but I thought it was Ajooba’s plan to keep me away from Sai, you should have cleared this. Prahlad leaves.

Prahlad sees Kulkarni standing outside and listening to Sonali. Kulkarni says we will find a solution but don’t deny this wedding guests are here my reputation will be ruined. Prahlad says I have always respected you and even Sai wouldn’t like me insulting you and I am doing this only because Sai asked me to keep faith and Sai won’t do anything wrong and leaves.
Kulkarni says once this wedding takes place you and Sai won’t do anything.

Pandit ji begin wedding rituals. Prahlad and Sonali arrive in mandap and their wedding rituals take place. Sonali keeps praying to Sai to fulfill her wish to meet her Nani.

Precap: Kulkarni says I had made a promise that I will donate gold and money equivalent to Prahlad’s wife’s weight.
Sonali sits on weighing scale.
Santa starts keeping bag and all bags finish but doesn’t become equivalent to Sonali’s weight. Sai walks in and sorry to come without invitation but I have something to give and shows the penny Kulkarni had given to Sai.

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