Mere Sai 2nd April 2018 Written Update

Mere Sai 2nd April 2018 Written Update by MA

Mere Sai 2nd April 2018 Written Episode

Sai tells Guru ji that he is helpless, and says if someone would have been here then I would have asked him to remove lotus from under my feet. Guru ji thinks he can’t let Adharm happen, and shall remove lotus from under his feet. He goes near him and touches his feet to remove the lotus. He says you might be very happy that I have touched your feet, but I am removing lotus from under your feet. He lifts his legs, to pick lotus, but another lotus appears. He is surprised and again moves his feet, and another lotus appears. Guru ji gets shocked and runs. He sees light and the place divine. He sees Sai lying down in snake’s lap. He recalls Mhalsapati, Appa and his Shishya’s words and folds his hands with tears in his eyes. Sai smiles. Guru ji comes to his house and thanks God for giving him darshan.

He says I have done your puja with true heart and didn’t know that you will give me darshan, and thought it is impossible in this kaal. Damodar comes and asks Guru ji what happened. Guru ji says he saw Vishnu God through Sai, and tells that he has to do something for Sai. He says Shirdi is blessed and tells that he will welcome him with new clothes and good place to live. He says there shall be math for Sai and says now I will show him what is seva and bhakti. He comes to Appa’s house and says I want to talk to you.
Appa tells Guru ji that Sai don’t like things. Bayaza says he takes charity and I feed him daily. Guru ji says Sai is a humble man and that’s why refuse us. He says he has planned to make him math where there will be useful things of Sai, and says he will be very happy. He says he will do this with his own money and if anyone wants to give charity then he can. He asks Appa to tell this to villagers. Appa says ok. Guru ji leaves. Appa and Bayaza get tensed. Bayaza asks Appa if Sai will be happy with this. Appa says you know, but as Guru Devidas ji said, I have to inform people.
Sai comes to a man’s house. Man asks his wife Kanta to give charity to Sai. Sai takes fruits in charity and says you don’t need blessing as you are very happy. Man says I am happy since I got married, my inlaws gave me much money. He says you knew my financial position, but since I got married, my life got better and lakshmi ji blessed me. Sai says your wife has all the qualities of lakshmi and says the wealth which you are talking is temporarily, but this wealth your wife is permanent. He asks him to understand the real meaning of wealth, and says real wealth is the one which gives peace to a human even if he don’t have anything. Kanta and her husband fold their hands.

Banta tells Kulkarni that Deviraj told that he will construct Dwarka Maai and make it like a palace. Anta says Sai will have all luxurious things and will have bullock cart. Kulkarni is shocked and shouts Devidas. He says Devidas have backstabbed me in my back and asks Anta and Banta to give him Kada. Rukmini thinks his condition is not getting better and thinks this medicine is not showing effects.

Bhama gets labour pains. Madhav/Shyama tells her that Bayaza will bring Daai with her. Daai Ma comes and checks Bhama. Bhama delivers baby. Sai, Madhav, Appa and Mhalsapati get happy hearing baby crying. Bayaza says son is born. Madhav tells Sai that he has become a father. Sai says becoming father is a big happiness and congratulates everyone.
Old man and his wife are in the jungle. Old man falls down. His wife picks him. He says their son left him. Damodar asks Guru ji to have food and says you are hungry since morning. Guru ji says you are talking as if you are my father. Damodar asks him to think whatever he wants and says I am withy you since I am 13 and you are my everything now.

Old man and his wife stop hearing Mhalsapati doing aarti. Sai comes there and looks at them. He asks Mhalsapati to give him water and asks old man to walk on the stairs and says I will wash it so that you feel some relieve. Old man says how do he know that I have pain in my legs. Sai washes his feet with his hands. Om Sai plays…..Old man folds his hand. Guru ji tells the builder that this is the place where construction shall be done. They take measurement. Jhipri asks what they are doing. He says it will be constructed. Guru ji tells that he has thought about everything and explains his plan. He says he will make money flow like water and says if villager wants they can contribute. Jhipri gets happy and says I will also contribute. Guru ji smiles. Jhipri says you are not the only one who wants to make it beautiful, and tells that they are the ones who clean and take care of Dwarka Maai. She offers money for Dwarka Maai’s construction and says she has sold many uplas today. Guru ji is hesitant to take money from her and asks her to have sweets. Jhipri tells that she wants Dwarka Maai to be constructed and asks him to give advance money to the builders. Guru ji says this money is small, it is of no use to me, if I want then I will ask from you. Jhipri gets sad.

Mhalsapati tells that Sai understands people’s pain seeing him. Old man asks are you Sai and says he heard about him. His wife asks her husband to share their problem with him. Mhalsapati asks what happened? Old man and his wife tell that they lost their son in the mela. He says he was 13 years old at that time and says they are doing yatra in his search. He says don’t know how he looks like, and we couldn’t identify him if he comes in front of us. Sai sees his son’s pic in his eyes. He says Maai, you will soon find your son. Woman asks when? Sai says just few days more. Woman folds her hands.

Sai asks Guru ji to give him charity. Guru ji says I will give you much charity so that you don’t need to ask anyone. He puts grains, gold coins, but whatever he puts get less in Sai’s pot. Sai smiles.

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