Mere Sai 6th December 2019 Written Update

Mere Sai 6th December 2019 Written Update by MA

Mere Sai 6th December 2019 Written Episode

Kanoji’s mother massages his head and asks him not to trouble himself as he already punished Susheela for her mistake and now he should calm down. Kanoji says she is right and goes to search job. In Dwarkamayi, Sai makes gilli danda. Ranoji asks if this gilli danda also teaches them something. Sai says yes and explains its significance and teaching it gives in detail.

Susheela picks Krishna’s idol from her bag and says he is the god, but she has to hide him in her bag in this house as he knows what happened that day. She reminisces praying god when Kanoji stops her and yells that she is degrading him by praying god. Out of flashabck, she asks god when will her ordeal end and knows only go can end it in whatever the way he wants.

Sai gifts gilli to kids. Kids ask Sai to play gilli danda with them. Ranoji says Sai is old now and cannot play with them. Sai says like learning, playing also doesn’t have any age limit, he will go with kids but they have to wait a big as he is waiting for someone. A bird drops peacock feather. Sai picks it and thanks bird. Ranoji asks Sai why did bird give feather to time, earlier also when he got feather he had helped Kaka Mahajani’s son, whom will he help this time. Sai smiles and tells children let us go and play. Children rejoice.

Kanoji’s mother packs him food and sees him off. Kanoji walks inside house and holding Susheela’s hand asks her not to be afraid of him, he doesn’t like punishing him and came to speak to her as he doesn’t like her sad; does she like people taunting him. She nods no. He wipes her tgears. Mother gets jealous seeing that and throws mug. Kanoji asks what happened. She says she slipped. Kanoji says he is going out to search job, she shouldn’t mingle with anyone in his absence. She nods okay.

A new man enters Shirdi and searches Dwarkamayi’s address. People guide him. He reaches Dwarkamayi and thinks if Sai baba stays in this khandar, not finding him asks someone where is Sai. Man says he is playing gilli danda with kids. Man walks near Sai, seeing him playing with kids thinks he heard Sai is a scholar and does miracles, but he is playing with kids, did he make a mistake by coming here. Sai continues playing with kids. Kid hits gilli which flies and hits Kanoji’s forehead and injures him. He shouts who hit him. Children apologize him and says it hit him by mistake.
Kanoji yells they gave him pain and tries to hit them. Sai stops him and requests to forgive them. Kanoji says he will not spare kids. Sai says kids are repenting for this mistake and even he will apologize. Kanoji asks if his wound will clear with that. Sai says it will and asks him to come along, he will apply medicine. He tries to examine wound, but Kanoji pushes his hand away.

Precap: Kanoji sees Susheela hiding mirror and punishes her by putting her hand in boiling water. Sai notices it.

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