Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st August 2015 Written Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st August 2015 Written Update by Sona

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st August 2015 Written Episode

Ishaani was leaving, Baa stops her and asks where she will go. Ranveer has allowed them to stay until they arrange for some other place. Ishaani says that she tried her level best to separate Ranveer from Ritika but he was always against her and wanted a divorce from her. Now she will go away from his life and heads to leave. In the hall Ishaani comes across Ranveer, Ritika watches this. Amba comes there and asks hadn’t she left, how she came back. Ritesh says she was going but all the trains had been cancelled so he brought her back. Amba says that now the rain has stopped, whom is she waiting for now. She says that it is a wedding at home, she doesn’t want any problem between Ritika and Ranveer now. Ishaani heads to leave. Ritika thinks that how is she leaving so, she made her suffer a lot and it is her turn now. She stops Ishaani and says that she has forgiven her for everything, it is her request that she attends her wedding. Ritika says Ishaani is her friend and though she snatched all her happiness from her still she wants Ishaani to share her happiness. Ishaani says I am sorry I won’t be able to attend the wedding. Ritika says that she has divorced RV, doesn’t she want them both to see happy together. She says that her father must have been very happy seeing RV happy today, she wants RV’s mota bapu’s family to be here to bless her. She insists on Ishaani, then asks RV to stop Ishaani for her. RV comes to Ishaani and says that if this divorce is an end of everything for her, she must stop for the new beginning of his life. He leave as Ishaani stares at him. Ritika says that now RV has also said so, she must atleast stop for her childhood friend. Ishaani looks at Baa who nods, Ishaani nods too. Ritika happily hugs Ishaani and says thanks a lot as she is really happy.
Lakshmi whispers to Amba if Ritika is drunk that she is inviting Ishaani to her wedding.
Mala gets henna leaves for Ritika, Ritika takes them to Amba and asks her to prepare this for her. When a mother in law prepares the henna for bride, her married life goes really well. In the kitchen Ritika was excited about henna. Mala tells Amba that the poor women she called have arrived. Amba tells Ritika she wants to distribute some gifts among the poor women so they pray for her and bless her. The ladies distribute the items among poor when Ritika watches Ishaani taking a glass of water. Ritika hurries behind Ishaani, takes a dress and stops Ishaani in the corridor. Ritika says Ishaani must have thought Ranveer is calling her, is she still thinking about her husband to be. Ishaani moves forward, Ritika asks if she will attend this wedding in these clothes as she left all her clothes in the wardrobe. She asks Ishaani to take care about RV’s reputation, she is his ex-wife. She hands Ishaani a saree and says this is RV’s favorite colour. She throws the saree to Ishaani, the glass in Ishaani’s hand breaks and the glass hurts her hand.
Shikhar comes home then, Ishaani asks what he is doing here. Shikhar asks the same question as she had told him she is leaving. Ishaani says she is there for one day only as Ranveer wanted them to stay at his wedding. Shikhar asks if Ranveer wanted so or Ritika? Ishaani says his doubt is right, it was Ritika. Ishaani keep her hand on Shikhar’s chest, he gets her injury and asks if Ritika did so. Ishaani says glass broke but SHikhar says he knows Ritika did so. He tells Ishaani to go and put ointment on it. Mala comes there and asks Ishaani why she didn’t put herbal medicine she had made. Shikhar brings the bowl and asks Ishaani if she will put it or should he? Ishaani covers her hand with it.

PRECAP: In the wedding, the bowl of turmeric slips and all of it goes to Ishaani’s face and arm. Ranveer and everyone there is shocked.

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  1. anonymous 1
    September 01, 12:54 Reply

    ok so now all these “Accidents” are pointing towards the re-marriage of ishani and ranveer. Why is amba so mean suddenly again? thought she would atleast try to be a little nicer now

  2. raaj
    September 01, 10:58 Reply

    plzz……upload pics

  3. Riya
    September 01, 07:15 Reply

    Anyway in the marriage runvir is gonna marry ishani. Thats the twist

  4. Tina
    September 01, 04:18 Reply

    Rather than continuing this story after rapping this twist if they bring the new season with new storyline, but same actors shakti & radhika plus the supporting actors will be great.

  5. Tina
    September 01, 04:16 Reply

    Is this the end of MATSH? Or don’t know they have any new chapter for future. Hope this is not the end.

  6. Maryam
    August 31, 17:12 Reply

    Can’t wait to see ritika to get exposed. And if RV do this it will be soney pe souwaga.

    • xaif saif
      September 01, 01:38

      Hay maryam!!!!!;
      You are so much interested anyways liked it
      Nd who I am

  7. aa
    August 31, 14:07 Reply

    Plzz…upload pics

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