Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th August 2019 Written Update

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th August 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th August 2019 Written Episode

Ira hugs Devina and Tanya. Thank you so much! I dint think about it. this was so unexpected. You made the party fun. Cheers! Tanya tells Devina that their new plan also failed. This dint affect Amaya at all. Ira mentally apologizes to Pushpa. I must support them to save the house from the bigger danger. I cannot let them find out the truth. Pushpa ends the dance. Ira asks everyone to clap for her. They comply. Tanya and Devina look on from far. This girl is way smarter than we thought! Tanya nods. People offer food to Pushpa in a mocking way. Tanya says we have to do something big to expose Ira. We have to risk Pushpa’s life. We have to that this woman is Ira. We will then send her to jail and the house will be ours! I can do anything to get this house. They hide in Mishri’s room as Ira

comes upstairs. Devina asks Tanya what her plan is. Tanya tells her to wait and watch. She calls Pushpa upstairs who asks them about their whereabouts. Tanya asks Pushpa if she got a prize or not. I have an idea. You must do something to make sure you get a prize. She comes back with a chair. You will sit here and I will push the chair. Everyone will clap then. Pushpa happily sits on the chair. Devina is worried that Pushpa might get hurt but Tanya isn’t bothered. It will make Ira spill the truth. Tanya inches Pushpa near the edge of stairs when Ira holds the chair. What were you going to do? Were you going to push her from the stairs? You know what? I love new things a lot. Let me do it! She holds Pushpa’s chair and looks back. It will be so fun when this woman will roll down the stairs! I know that this may hurt this old woman a little but it will be fun. Tanya tells Devina that it will be proved that she is Amaya if she pushes Pushpa today.
Ira puts her steps between the top stair and the chair. She pretends that the chair got stuck. She steps down to check but is still holding back the chair by keeping it on her toes. She decides to push Pushpa to kill Devina and Tanya’s doubt once and for all. She shouts that something is wrong with the chair. Tanya decides to check the front wheel but Ira does not want her to find out the truth. She puts her other feet behind just when Tanya is coming towards her. Tanya slips and rolls down the stairs. Ira’s other foot is hurt. Devina rushes to Tanya. Pushpa asks Ira if Tanya will get the prize. She fell after all! Ira pretends to complain that it was this old woman who should have fallen. That would have been fun. Akhilesh enters just then. What’s going on here? Pushpa runs to him. You have come at the right time. Ira Kaki was going to push me from the stairs. I would have gotten lots of sweets but this Tanya fell down. Tanya lies that she couldn’t see Amaya behaving like this with Badi Ma. I went to save her but Amaya pushed me. Pushpa asks her as to who she is calling Badi Ma. Tanya dismisses it. Ira says it would have been fun if this old woman had fallen from the stairs. The video would have gone viral. Akhilesh slaps her.

Ira reprimands him for doing so. He warns her that he would have killed her if she had done what she just said. Be thankful that I only slapped you! She shouts at him but he shouts louder in return. I also know how to shout. You are a stain in the name of woman! This is my Amma’s house. Just get out! She warns him not to say it.

Vansh and Mishri have made preps to celebrate Ira’s birthday.

Akhilesh and Ira continue to argue over the house and Pushpa. Ira tells him to take care of his mother. She was dancing like a monkey in my party! It was so embarrassing! Akhilesh raises his hand but Kabir holds Akhilesh’s hand just in time. You will raise a hand on my wife? Ira tells Kabir it is enough. I cannot bear this family for another second! Out of my house right now! I will hand over Akhilesh to police. How dare he throw his family out of my house and raise a hand on me? Tanya speaks of the video in which Kabir had promised that whoever wins the arm wrestling match will stay here. We had a deal. Ira calls it an old deal. Akhilesh and I had a new deal and he failed! Akhilesh says the day isn’t complete yet. I remember the deal well. I will throw the money on your face! Ira heads upstairs with Kabir. Kabir ends the party and bides adieu to the guests. There is a trail of blood behind Ira. Kabir holds her hand as she stumbles. Pushpa rues that Ira Kaki dint give her the prize. Akhilesh takes her with him.

Mishri asks Tanya about the fight. Tanya tells her that it is because of Amaya. She isn’t your mom but a man woman. She tried to push your Badi Ma from the stairs. It is good that I came there on time or I don’t know what would have happened! Devina nods at her. She takes Tanya to her room. The kids are confused at Ira’s behaviour. Vansh suggests that they must think from an open mind. We were wrong till now. It isn’t Mami. What should we do about the cake? It was a bad idea. She notices the blood droplets and gets thinking. She relates it with the other marks. It means Mapu tried to save Mapu and not vice versa. Vansh asks her where she is lost. What should we do the cake? Mishri smiles. We will think about it later. I have to first meet Mapu. Vansh asks her if she is going to scold her too. I will also join you. Mishri denies. I have to tell her something.

Kabir tells Ira they need to stop the bleeding but she calls it her punishment for what happened with Moti Ba. He tells her not to punish herself for whatever happened. Let me apply ointment. She asks for some time alone. He calls her stubborn. I have been trying to talk sense to you but you aren’t listening to me. Is there anyone in the world who you listen to without arguing? Mishri enters just then. Kabir asks her what she is doing here. Mishri says I came to speak to ehr. Ira asks her if she has also come to taunt her like her Bapu. I am a stain in the name of humanity! Mishri shakes her head as she sits next to her. She is holding the first aid kid. I want to apply ointment. I will also get your blessings this way. Ira tells her against it but Mishri requests her again. I have been yearning for this moment since long. Please bless me. Ira declines but Mishri tells her to stop her lies. My heart knows the truth. You cannot deny that I am your daughter! I beg you to speak the truth once. Ira is in tears. Kabir’s eyes widen in shock. Mishri says I know you must be in pain seeing me like this. Please speak the truth once, Mapu. Call me Mishri, your Gudiya once. I haven’t heard it since a long time. Ira is crying silently.

Precap: Ira tells Kabir that she cannot take it anymore. I must tell the truth to everyone! Later, Kabir collides with Pushpa and a report falls from her hand. Kabir reads it. The patient for which I have been doing this drama in front of Ira is Mishri! She must die so my nephew can live! He comes to Mishri’s room stealthily at night but Akhilesh also comes there just then.

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