Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th August 2019 Written Update

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th August 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th August 2019 Written Episode

Ira peeks inside Mishri’s room. Kabir thinks if this continues then he wont be able to go near Mishri. My daughter will keep struggling to survive. I have only one way out here. I must separate Akhilesh and Ira so they are distracted from Mishri for a while. How to do it though? Ira excuses herself.

Kabir recalls how Mira has been infatuated with Akhilesh lately. What if I get Akhilesh married to Mira? Ira will be completely heartbroken. She might take Mishri with her. I will implement my plan. I will kill Mishri and give a new life to my daughter. No one can stop me from killing Mishri!

Tanya is looking for a saree in Akhilesh’s suitcase. I cannot go to my home like a beggar. She takes out one red saree. She drops it in shock as Akhilesh enters. He asks her where she is taking

this saree. Tanya lies that Aditya sold her expensive sarees to gamble. I thought to borrow Bhabhi’s saree. Akhilesh says you cannot take her stuff without my permission. Mishri asks him how it is wrong. Akhilesh says no one should take Ira’s stuff like that. Mishri says you only got angry on us when we kept Mapu’s stuff here. Akhilesh reasons that no one else can wear Ira’s clothes. It was a gift for her form my side. Mishri gets excited. It means you feel Mapu is alive and is staying with us right in this house! Akhilesh gives the saree to Tanya to prove Mishri wrong and walks out of the room. Tanya gladly holds the saree but Mishri pulls it out of her hands. She asks her if she dint hear what Akhilesh just said. Mishri says I was checking him only. I know my Mapu is alive and I wont let you wear my Mapu’s saree. Tanya raises her hand to slap Mishri but Mishri holds her hand. I was quiet till now as it was only restricted to me but I can go to any extent if someone will insult my Mapu. I am sure you would have heard about my boxing skills? Tanya lets her keep the saree.
Kabir tells Ira that a family is coming to see Mira today. She praises him again for looking after everyone. I would have told my truth to everyone if you hadn’t stopped me yesterday. I would have hurt my loved ones unknowingly for life! I wont be able to repay your debt even if I sacrifice my life. Kabir thinks not her but her daughter must die. Mishri calls out to Ira. She shows her the red saree. I am sure you would remember the first gift that Bapu had given to you. Ira composes herself. It is now proved that I am not your Mapu. I wont wear such cheap saree. Even the servants in my house don’t wear such clothes. Mishri tells her to keep acting. I know you are my Mapu. You wear it on every auspicious occasion. It is Rakhi today. I want you to wear this saree and be with me when I will tie Rakhi to Vansh. She leaves the saree on the bed and goes. Ira holds the saree close and cries. How can I forget Akhilesh’s first gift? Kabir tells her she cannot fall weak like this. Ira calls it difficult. It is impossible to win over Mishri! She is exactly like me. He suggests her to go for shopping to forget all this. Get a new saree for Mira. I want her to look very special. Get two rings too. in case they like each other, we will do the engagement as well. She agrees. I will send you the photo from the shop. Kabir nods. He immediately calls Mira and asks her to come to Pandey House asap. in have to talk to you. He looks at the saree. I am a big player. I am going to play the biggest game of my life and you wont even know!

Pushpa gives flowers in the puja plate. She is tempted to see sweets but Mishri stops her from eating. What will Vansh eat if you will eat everything? Vansh joins them. Did you bring a nice Rakhi for me? Pushpa nods. Can I keep the gift you bought for Mishri Didi? Vansh agrees. Mishri ties Rakhi on Vansh’s hand. Vansh remarks that it is his first Rakshabandhan with her. I promise I will never leave your side. He gifts her doll. Pushpa goes to play with the doll. Mishri looks around for Ira sadly. Vansh apologizes to her. I couldn’t buy a gift for you. I spent my entire pocket money. Please don’t be sad. Mishri says I am not sad about gift. I asked Mapu to come downstairs wearing the saree given by Bapu but she hasn’t come at all. I wonder why she wants to hide her identity from us! Vansh says what if I make Mami confess the truth. She asks him how he will do it. He speaks of ketchup and explains the plan to her.

Ira tells Kabir that she has bought a saree for Mira. She will love it very much. He gives her a list of few more things to buy. She agrees. I will be late though. He nods and ends the call. Atleast this obstacle named Ira will be out of my way for some time. Mira greets Kabir. He is impressed to see her speaking Hindi instead of Haryanvi. She ties Rakhi to him. He tells her about the guy (Shantanu) who is coming over to meet her soon. Mira’s face turns pale. He tells her he will always protect her. You are my responsibility. She asks for some time to think. He says I know you like Akhilesh but as your brother, I cannot second you in your decision. He has a daughter. Shantanu will always keep you happy. Will you listen to your brother? She nods. He smiles. I knew you would never say no to me. He gives her Ira’s saree to wear. Mira goes out. Kabir says I gave Ira’s saree to Mira. It is time to implement the second part of the plan.

Akhilesh is thinking about Ira. Tears stream down his face. Kabir knocks at the door. Akhilesh asks him what he is up to. Kabir seems to be nice to him. I know that I and my wife have bothered you a lot. You wouldn’t be able to forgive us. I have come to ask you something. It is Rakhi and a family is coming to see Mira today. That family shouldn’t know of what’s going on between us. Akhilesh assures him that there wont be any problem from his end. Mira has always been nice to this family. Kabir thanks him.

Ira receives a call and a guy tells her that her daughter has met with an accident. She is bleeding badly. I found your number in her phone. She calls you Mapu right? Ira agrees to come right away and takes the address. She prays for Mishri’s well being.

Precap: Ira reaches hospital. She runs to Mishri and tries to wake her up. Your Mapu is here. Wake up! At home, Mira is trying to slit her wrist while Akhilesh is trying to stop her. Kabir asks Akhilesh to marry Mira if he doesn’t his sister’s life to be ruined. Akhilesh agrees. Akhilesh and Mira are shown taking pheras.

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