Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th September 2019 Written Update

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th September 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th September 2019 Written Episode

Mishri asks Ira why she seems so tensed. Ira says this warden is saying that Chuttan is not from her orphanage. Ira asks Chuttan if he had come with those kids. What’s going on? Chuttan fumbles. I am from her orphanage only. She might not have seen me before but I know her very well. Warden repeats her words. I think this kid is lying! Ira is confused. A lot is going on already and now this! Where should I take him? Chuttan tells her to send him with the warden. She may not recognize me but I can stay with her. Mishri counters his suggestion but he firmly insists upon going with her. Mishri says I know you are not an orphan. Your Bapu has deserted you. My Bapu is searching for your Bapu. He will teach him a lesson once that happens! It is better if you stay here. Chuttan wants to meet

his Mayi and requests Ira to let him go with the warden. Ira also asks him to stay with them till the time they get a confession from his Bapu. She sends the warden. Warden says this kid is very lucky. He got a caretaker like you even if it is for a while. Mishri smiles. Chuttan is miffed with Mishri. Ira assures him that they will find his Bapu real soon. Stay here till then. Have breakfast. He refuses. Mishri says he looks a little upset. Please pacify him. Ira says I wihs I could do that but I have to meet Akhilesh. She stops herself from talking about jail. You are my good girl. Please talk to him. Mishri agrees.
Chuttan decides to teach a lesson to Mishri. Mishri offers him milk but he refuses. She speaks of his manners which angers him further. She reasons that she is only telling the truth. Your Bapu deserted you. My Bapu is looking for him to make him to make him realise he is wrong. Bapu should be like my Bapu. He would neither do that nor let anyone else do it. Be happy now and have milk. She leaves. Chuttan wonders why she is always lecturing him. She praises her Bapu so much but is unaware that her own Bapu is in jail right now. He finishes the glass of milk and overhears the lawyer asking Ira to come asap. He thinks to leak the news of Akhilesh’s arrest and use it as an opportunity to escape from the house. He notices Devina coming downstairs and rushes to her. He runs away with her phone. She collides with the lawyer while chasing Chuttan. What are you doing here? Is Akhilesh thinking of business expansion? You are trying to hide something! She notices a file and envelope on the floor. Devina picks it up before the advocate.

Chanda knocks at the door requesting her husband to open the door. I dint do anything wrong. I did it for my son! I am locked here. What if something happens to Chuttan? Ramavatar enters and closes the door from inside. She says I will leave with Chuttan right away. He tells her to calm down. I went to orphanage to find information about him. He is where he should be! She is shocked to know that he is at Ira’s house. Ramavatar says everyone returned except your son. Warden told Ira that Chuttan is not from their orphanage. She has kept him at her home till the time his parents are found.

Devina is about to open the bail letter when Ira snatches it out of her hand. Chuttan pats her head. Devina asks Ira about the papers. Ira lies that it is adoption papers. Mishri is thrilled. Devina takes her phone from Chuttan and leaves. Mishri jumps in excitement. I found a new brother! Why dint you tell me before? Chuttan thinks that Ira is too smart. Mishri asks Ira when she can meet her brother. Ira says we will meet today. I am going to meet Akhilesh with the lawyer. Mishri is eager to accompany her but Ira suggests her to make preps to welcome her brother. Mishri agrees. Chuttan thinks Ira is way too smart. She turned the game around. I thought I will run away once everyone will go to jail to meet Akhilesh.

Chanda is in disbelief. Ira cannot snatch my son from me! Ramavatar calls it a sign but she refuses to let it happen. Ira might have given birth to him but I have raised him. I will bring him back. I will kill Ira if she will try to stop me. Ramavatar tells her that Kamla Chachi is already dead because of her. What madness is this? You will stay here alone till the time you become normal. He locks her there. Chanda cries.

Pushpa is cooking vrat ka khana for Ira, Akhilesh and the baby. She asks Devina to light the diya with her. It is very auspicious. I cannot contain my excitement! Devina is irked that some street boy will come to her house now!

Chuttan notices them busy. I must divert their attention to get out of the house. I have to melt them by acting sweet and innocent. He walks up to Mishri. I apologize for what I did in the morning. She forgives him immediately. How are you feeling now? He replies that he is feeling better. She says you will be better after drinking the kadha 3-4 more times. He offers to help her. You need more colours for these posters. He goes upstairs on the pretext of bringing instead. He picks up a mobile phone kept nearby as he heads upstairs. I will now tell everyone Akhilesh’s truth.

Chuttan calls the landline pretending to be Mishri’s adopted brother Gopal. My new Amma and Bapu told me that you are my new sister. How are you? Mishri smiles. I am very happy. Everyone is waiting eagerly for you especially me. We will do everything together. He asks her to come pick him up. Mishri is in tears. I will come. I will fulfil the first wish of my brother. He calls her nice. I am waiting for you. He tells her a location. Please bring both Dadi’s with you. She asks him how he knows this. He says Amma told me this. I am so happy to be a part of such a big family. She says they cannot come as there is a naughty kid in the house right now. They will have to stay here to take care of him. You will meet them soon though. I am coming to meet you asap. He jumps in joy after ending the call. Mishri completes her welcome card for her brother. Chuttan looks on. What’s the rush dear? Reach that place and there will be so much drama!

Precap: Mishri, Chuttan, Pushpa and Devina reach police station. Mishri asks Ira what she is doing here. Inspector asks for Akhilesh’s file just then. Chuttan taunts Mishri. You said your Bapu wanted to teach a lesson to my Bapu but your Bapu yourself is in jail here! Mishri screams. My Bapu isn’t a criminal!

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