Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 17th February 2023 Written Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 17th February 2023 Written Update by MA

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 17th February 2023 Written Episode

Rahul tells Gaura’s family that he has arranged their accommodation at a nearby place and takes them along. Ganga thinks Rekha can’t locate Gaura until her wedding with Som finishes. Som calls Rekha and asks why wasn’t she present during his ring exchange ritual. Rekha says she was forced to leave by someone. Som asks who? Rekha says her leg pain and asks if he can come home as she wants to talk something important. Som says he will right now and drives his bike towards home. He stops at Twinkle’s house and recalls quality time spent with her. He thinks he wanted to spend his life with her and can feel her hears. Once Som leaves, Twinkle comes in balcony and thinks she played with many boys’ hearts and fell in Som’s love. She changes song on music player and asks her mother to bring milkshake for her.

Rekha thinks she will fail Ganga’s plan. Ganga returns home with Ramesh. Rekha congratulates her for Som’s engagement. Ganga congratulates her back and asks her to accept Gaura as her DIL. Rekha says she will force Ganga to accept Twinkle as her bahu. Gaura’s brothers play start their jokergiri at the Ganga’s given accommodation. A romantic song plays in the background. Gaura smiles looking the engagement ring and recalls her engagement event. Lakshmi notices her, yells at her, takes her engagement ring and wears it herself.

Rekha waits for Som to return home and seeing him coming tells Ganga that she selected an illiterate girl for Som. Som asks Ganga if Gaura is illiterate. Ganga gets tensed and says neighbors praised Gaura a lot. Rekha says people falsely praise until they get something. Som says even he heart Gaura speaking like an illiterate. Ganga starts her emotional drama. Ramesh thinks his mama is concerned and he needs to support her. Rekha asks Ganga why didn’t she investigate well before selecting Gaura. Ramesh asks if she has any proof that Gaura is illiterate. Rekha calls Chanchal and Pardesi and says Gaura is Chanchal’s childhood friend and studied with her. Ganga says she told that Gaura is educated. Rekha says till 4th standard and asks Chanchal to tell what all she used to do with Gaura.

Chanchal lies that she used to see Gaura going on scooter to her school. Rekha says she told she used to pick cow dung with Gaura. Chanchal says she used to pick cow dung from Gaura’s house. Rekha asks her to stop lying. Pardesi says Chanchal is a born lier and seeing Gaura lied so that she can gain some prominence in this house. Rekha takes Som’s oath and says Gaura is illiterate. Ganga continues her emotional blackmail and says she saw Gaura’s certificates. Kanchan with Rahul enters and shows Gaura’s fake certificates. Drama continues…

Precap: Som tells Rekha that he will marry only Gaura. Twinkle reaches Som’s house to kidnap him.

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