Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 18th March 2023 Written Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 18th March 2023 Written Update by MA

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 18th March 2023 Written Episode

Lakshmi hides when Som calls Gaura and fears she will be caught in robbery case as she came here hiding. Som asks Gaura to meet police and tell them whatever she knows. Rekha warns Gaura not to open her mouth. Som leaves. Lakshmi orders Gaura to return to her after talking to police and tell her where she hid jewelry. In the living room, Kanchan asks lady inspector to catch a thief soon as its a costly jewelry which her mother wanted to gift her. Police cross questions her. Ganga manages situation. Chanchal tells Som that she saw Gaura outside Rekha’s room when Rekha passed away, so Gaura must have stolen the jewelry. Som says let the police investigate the case.

Kanchan shows jewelry photos, which Rekha is wearing, to inspector and says it will help her recover jewelry soon. Som watches jewelry pics and notices first-aid box near Rekha’s dead body and thinks someone else was there during Rekha’s death, recalls Chanchal’s words. Chanchal tells Ganga that Chanchal must be the thief as she behaves suspiciously. Ganga shuts her mouth. Rahul asks Kanchan if she stole jewelry. Kanchan says no.

Som takes Gaura to his room and asks what was she doing in Rekha’s room as he found her nose ring in Rekha’s room. Gaura denies. Rekha fears if Som will catch Gaura. Gaura starts crying to Som’s questioning. Som walks out frustrated. Rekha thinks she needs to make someone a scapegoat to protect Gaura. She notices Lakshmi walking in corridor suspiciously and throws a necklace towards her. Greedy Lakshmi hides necklace in her pallu. Rekha thinks scapegoat is caught. Inspector catches Lakshmi and drags her to living room. Gaura is about to tell Ganga that one who stole the jewelry is.. when Police brings Lakshmi and says she is a thief.

Lakshmi says she is not a thief. Inspector slaps her. Gaura request inspector to spare her amma as she can’t be a thief. Inspector warns her to stop supporting her mother and shows necklace. Chanchal says its her necklace. Lakshmi says she was going to return Chanchal’s jewelry. Inspector returns Chanchal’s necklace and asks Lakshmi where is Ganga’s jewelry. Gaura requests Som to spare her mother. Som refuses. Gaura then holds Ganga’s feet and says she will not leave them until she spares her mother. Ganga lifts her up and says even she can’t believe Lakshmi can steal and asks inspector to take lakshmi away and interrogate her. Gaura tells inspector that Rekha stole jewelry. Som warns her to stop accusing his dead mother. Inspector asks how can a dead person steal jewelry, if she stole jewelry. Kanchan tells Ganga that she told her that Rekha has returned as ghost. Som tells Gaura that she must be knowing where jewelry is.

Precap: Rekha shuts Gaura’s mouth and stops her from revealing her name.

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