Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 3rd February 2023 Written Update by MA

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 3rd February 2023 Written Episode

Lakshmi vents out her frustration on Gaura thinking Harish canceled Gaura’s alliance and dumps a lot of household work on her. Chanchal visits them and asks Lakshmi not to dump so much work on Gaura as she will be doing household chores at her in-law’s place anyways. Lakshmi says Harish canceled alliance due to his ego and said he will get Gaura married only if she likes that guy. Gaura starts washing utensils. Chanchal taunts Gaura that a rich family must have realized their mistake and backed off, she had already informed her husband that she is going to meet her bestfriend’s fiance tonight. She continues to taunt Gaura. Harish returns and reveals Gaura’s marriage is not canceled and is going to see the boy with him and fiance will marry him; he saw the boy and he looks like Tiger Shroff. Gaura gets happy while Chanchal feels jealous.

Kanchan starts crying. Som and Rahul rush to him. Kanchan says he heard Ganga sitting near a ghat and crying and fears that Ganga fell into water. Drama ensures. Som and Rahul rush towards ghat with Kanchan. Harish brings Gaura to Som’s house and shows her Som leaving in a car. Rahul’s towel falls on Som’s face and Gaura doesn’t see him properly. Harish asks servant where Som went. Servant informs him that Ganga met with an accident at the ghat, so Som rushed to save her. Gaura rushes towards ghat.

Rekha notices Ganga and Kanchan missing at home and questions servants. Servant informs her same. Rekha thinks she should have understood Ganga’s plan. She notices yamdooth and asks him to go to ghat as Ganga is there. Yamdooth disappears. Ganga waits for Som. Som reaches there with Kanchan and Rahul. Kanchan’s drama continues. Som runs searching for Ganga. Kanchan calls Ganga and informs her. Gaura also reaches ghat. Drama continues. Ganga falls into water. Som and Gaura jump into water and rescue Ganga. Gaura’s face gets smeared with dirt. Kanchan thinks Som will not even keep her as maid if he sees her like this. Ganga opens eyes and gives Som’s hand in Gaura’s hand. Kanchan reminds this is not a right place. Ganga acts delusional. Drama continues.

Precap: Som offers money to Gaura for saving Ganga. Ganga asks Kanchan why is Som giving her money, didn’t he identify her.
She later notices Som with Twinkle and asks Kanchan who is that girl.

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