Mohe Piya Milenge 1st June 2015 Written Update

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Mohe Piya Milenge 1st June 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Mohe Piya Milenge 1st June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Aadi comes in with Meghna. The kids pop confetti on them. Desai says you planned all this? Palavi says we got to know out new aunt is coming we had to plan her welcome. Sanjivni says Meghna is our daughter now. She introduces all the kids to Meghna, she smiles. She says this palav is really naughty, Vijiya runs after him all the day. This is Mayu archana’s only daughter, she talks a lot. she starts talking in the day and stops at the night. Baba says like her mom. Sanjivni says
how is your new aunt? she says is beautiful right. Archana says we will show her the house but Adi bedroom, aadi will show it himself. All the kids say we want to show her, Sanjivni says be quite what will your new aunt think of you. Vijiya says you people talk, I will bring the coffee. Meghna looks at all the kids staring at her. aadi says why are you staring at her? Palav says you meet her everyday we want to be with her today. Archana comes and says go out kids. They say no. Archana gives coffee to aadi and Meghana. She says this saari really suits you, aadi say archu.. please go out. She says okay carry on but step by step. She runs out.

Aadi says sorry she is like that. how is my room? i mean our room. His friend ayyer calls him, he says please give me a moment and goes out. Meghna looks at the room. He says i am sorry it was an urgent call. She says shall we go out? Aadi says yes no problem. Aadi says i think i should drop her. Kids say no not now. SAnjivni says she will come here soon. Sanjivni says you can come here any time you want. desai says aadi go drop her home. They leave.
Vijiya says she is very quite. Desai says she will take time to adjust. Archana says at least she doesn’t do that baba ji thing.

Madhvi sees bouquet aadi has sent it for Meghna. She shows it to suresh, he smiles. he says go show it to her. Madvhi says look at this meghna, aadi desai sent it. Meghna says what will i do with it? Suresh says he has sent it for you. keep it, meghna takes it to her room and places it there. She takes out the card, and reads the letter. it says i had to use to the name of aadi’s name, your tickets are booked see you soon, she smiles and conceals the letter. Doorbell rings, meghna’s friend roshali comes in. She hugs her and says congratulations. how are you? she hugs madhvi as well. She meets suresh. Suresh is rude to her. meghana takes her stuff in the room. Suresh says you can stay here but dont give your influence to meghna.

meghna takes rashmi to her room. She says you are getting married directly. You didn’t even update of facebook. meghna says its not what you think like. Rashmi says i know you did not want us to know. doorbell rings, Rashmi opens the door. She says you? he says i am.. she says wait you are aadi, right? he says yes. she says i am meghna’s cousin rashmi, i have been in Banglore. Rashmi say meghana your aadi is here. Meghna comes out. Rashmi says come sit with her. Rashmi says aadi you are not like a brother in law. Meghna says calm down rashmi. meena comes and greets aadi. she asks about his family. Rashmi says they are such a good couple. meena says come and help me in kitchen, rashmi goes with her. Aadi says to meghna, so whats the plan for today? she says i wanted to go out but rashmi came. He says no problem its okay. Rashmi looks like she speaks a lot. but you have a great syle of communication with your silence. Rashmi and Meena come with refreshments, Rashmi says meghna is like that, she is delicate with eating and everything. SHe knows how to dance.

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