Mohe Piya Milenge 4th June 2015 Written Update

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Mohe Piya Milenge 4th June 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Mohe Piya Milenge 4th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Suresh says aadi desai’s address card? What is it doing outside? He sees A scarf there.
Desai picks the letter and says sanjivni its a pink letter for aadi. Archana says show me. She says but no name is written anywhere. how do we know its of meghna’s. Aadi comes, desai says you have a letter aadi. He takes him is about to leave. Vijiya says stand here open it here. Archana says i am sure its meghna’s.

suresh comes out and says to rashmi what is this? He shows her scarf to her. She says its mine. Suresh says what was it doing in my room? Rashmi says i came to your room to take stapler pins. Suresh says call meghna. He says what would she do with stapler pins. He takes out a letter and says reads it. He asks madhvi to read it. Meghna comes out. Suresh says how many times do i have to tell you? You are not ready to listen? and now this rashmi is here to unite your love with you. He shives her and says get out of the house and go to your aadi. Meghna says what arr you saying baba? He shows her the letter. Meghna says i have not written this letter, I am ready for this wedding. I will marry aadi desai. She sits down in tears.

Aadidesai calls meghan but she doesnt pick up. madhvi knocks her door but she doesn’t open. Rashmi and suresh come in as well. Suresh breaks the door. He sees that meghna’s on the bed, she is faint. Suresh says call the doctor and bring lemon water. madhvi calls doctor and asks him to come. She tells him that meghna has fainted and she is not getting up. Suresh finds a poison bottle near her bed. Aadi desai comes in, suresh conceals the poison. aadi is shocked to see mghna like this. He says what happened to meghna? Suresh says she has fainted. Aadi says lets take her to hospital. suresh says madvhi has called our family doctor must be coming.

Doctor comes and checks meghna’s pulse. He says her sugar is low, it happens before wedding. take care of her. Suresh says he is her husband to be. Doctor says she will be fine. aadi goes out to see off the doctor. Meghna opens her eyes.
Aadi calls sanjivni and tells her that meghna is not well. Sanjivni says is she okay? He says her sugar is low. Desai says take her to hospital. Aadi says no she needs rest she will be okay. Sanjivni says you should stay there with her, let us know if we are needed there. Aadi says no i will manage.

Aadi gives tea to meghna and says just relax dont take tension. He gives her medicine. Suresh and Madhvi smile at him taking care of her. He makes her eat. Adi makes tea for suresh and Madhvi as well. aadi says how you feel now? She says much better, thank you. He says thank you? am i a stranger to you? You don’t have to take any kind of tension. She says you took care of me. He says thanks for appreciating. He says you need to calm down about things. i am leaving call me up when you need me. She says bye. Suresh sees aadi off.

Madhvi says meghna is so lucky he takes care of her a lot. Suresh says yes he does, he is one in a million. Aadi’s family come to meet meghna. Meghan comes out. Sanjivni says how are you now? Meghna says much better. desai says you dont need to do any dieting and all, you have to be fresh till the wedding. he says you should go for a walk every morning. Vijiya says your sugar was low so we brought sweets. Madhvi says our meghna is really lucky. Desai says she is our daughter now.

no precap.

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