Mohe Piya Milenge 5th June 2015 Written Update

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Mohe Piya Milenge 5th June 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Mohe Piya Milenge 5th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Karan calls Aditya where are you? he says i am leaving, uncle is still in critical condition. Tell meghna not to worry i am coming, He sits in an auto.

The office says to suresh we are here to take you. he says its my daughter’s wedding please let this happen. You can take me after that.
The wedding is on going, Archana comes to bind the edges of their clothes together. pandit ji says take her hand and take the rounds around fire. Aadi desai takes rounds around fire along with meghna. pandit asks aadi to put hand on her shoulder. He says you have two steps taken forward. now third step, this means you are going to bring happiness in his life. fourth and fifth step mean you will give you me kids. The sixth means, you will fulfill all the promises, now seventh its means you are his partner in all means.

Rashmi packs meghna’s bag. Meghna is in tears, Meena comes and says is everything packed? Go out they are waiting. Rashmi goes out with the bag. Meena sees meghna in tears. She hugs her. Meena says you are someone’s wife now, you are going to your new house don’t start your new life with tears. Madhvi comes in he says don’t cry pardon me if i made a mistake, Meghan hugs her. Madhvi says take care of yourself. Stay happy. Suresh comes in and holds his hand together. He says i have you so much pain but God knows i did this for you. Meghna say don’t say this. He says pardon me. he says stay happy, baba ji will take care of you. She hugs him. Madhvi says lets go out everyone is waiting.

Suresh says to desai take care of our daughter, desai says don’t worry she is our daughter from now. Our son is yours, and i mean it. They will come to you. now look they are both quite. Sanjivni says really you dont need to cry your daughter has made two houses one. aadi and meghna touch feet of all the elders. Meghna leaves her house in tears. Madhvi is crying, meena hugs and consoles her.

Meghna and aadi reach the house, everyone welcomes them. Sanjivni does her arti. Vijiya says say the poem first, then you will come in. sanjivni says don’t annoy her. Vijiya says let me help her. Aadi says no let her say it, even if its wrong. sanjivni says why are you all annoying her, she is tired. Meghna says i will say it, she says on the door im standing to enter the door. I left the house now aadi’s name is my only home. Vijiya says aadi your turn. Aadi says there was a wish in the heart, there wont be any disappointments, When i listen meghna’s name everything goes beautiful. They all laugh. Sanjivni says come enter the house meghna.

They all sit down for the rituals. Aadi write m in the rice.
Meghna is in the room, aadi comes in and bolts the door. He says wont you still talk to me? He sits with her. He says I am in love with the innocence on your face, you are not the girl who talks for no reason and dance and all those stupid things. you are really different, really simple. You speak with your eyes. right? Meghna is quite. he holds her hand. meghna takes her hand back and stands up. he says what happened? are you being shy? I don’t know what to say either. Meghna says but i want to speak today. i have to speak today, i want to say something. I can’t live with its burden anymore, if i don’t say it tonight i.. you gave me chance to say it but i couldn’t tell you. You are really nice i can’t conceal it from you. I loved someone, more than my life. aadi is taken aback. She says his name is aaditya.

precap-aadi says whatever happened in this room shall not go out of it. Thats what i feel. They sit down for the pooja and pretend everything is normal. pandit says now you have to hold her hand.

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