Molkki – Rishton Ki Agnipariksha 12th March 2023 Written Update

Molkki – Rishton Ki Agnipariksha 12th March 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Molkki – Rishton Ki Agnipariksha 12th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Vikas asks Bhoomi to sign the divorce papers and gets lost. Nirma comes there and says stop Bhoomi. Vikas says how can you ignore her sins? She says I’ve ignored a lot of other things. If Suraj wants a divorce he will sign the papers first. Vikas says Suraj doesn’t even wanna see her face. Nirma says Surjaj will have to sing the papers first. Suraj comes there. Pallavi asks is everything okay? How did you get these bruises? He says I am paying the price of my insult. Vikas says you can divorce her right away. Suraj tears the papers. Vikas says what did you do? Suraj says what she did do to me? Her punishment can’t be divorce. I will punish her myself. She’s the molkki right? She ahs to pay the price of my family’s insult. He drags Bhoomi and throws her inside. Nirma says what are you doing? He says Rimjhim there is a box in my room. Bring it.

Rimjhim brings the box. Suraj takes out the gun. Nirma says what are you doing? He says I will punish her so bad no one will break my trust again. Everyone should know what I dow hen someone plays with respect fo this house. Iw ill give her a death sentence. Pallavi and Nirna try to stop Suraj. He says I will kill her today. Iw don’t listen to her today. She ahs to die. He pulls the trigger. Bhoomi stands. Bhoomi says he always respected me. Let him punish me. Vikas says everyone caares about Bhoomi not Suraj. He’s doing the right thing. Girls like her should be punished like this. Rimjhim says please put the gun down. It’s not her fault. He shoves her. SUrja says no one can stop me today. I will kill her. Rimjhim says please don’t shoot her. It’s all my fault. She didn’t go to the lodge that day. I did. Bhoomi says please don’t say anything. Vikas says why are you saving her? Rimjhim says no she’s innocent. It’s all my fault. Suraj says Rimjhim is right. I have the CCTV footage. She entered the lodge before Bhoomi. He shows the video to everyone. Rimjhim says I am sorry maa. I am not the girl I pretend here to be. I was pretending to be nice. When I went to the big city I indulged in bad habits. Bhoomi has seen muy reality. She tried to stop me but I silenced her. Those clothes, that phone call, it was all my fault. I didn’t know I will get my karma so soon.

Rimjhim says I was with a guy drunk. He made my video and said he will make the video viral. He was blackmailing me for money. I stole money from the locker. Bhoomi stopped Rimjhim. Rimjhim said don’t do this drama with me. She left. Bhoomi followed her. She went to the room. Rimjhim gave him the money. The man said I’ve her video, it will set everything on fire. He said I want 10 lacs. He asked them to give their jewelry. Bhoomi took his phone and broke it. She tries to snatch the money. When everyone came in she was fighting. Rimjhim said my parents will kill me. Bhoomi said don’t worry I will handle everything. She hid her in the closet and took all the blame. Rimjhim says she’s an angel. I was always evil to her. She’s not the culprit, I am. Punish me. she was taking the bullet for me. Suraj says punish cannot save anyone. I am glad I got to know the entire reality. When Vikas was blaming Bhoomi I saw guilt on Rimjhim’s face. Nirma says you were accusing an innocent girl for no reason. Vikas drags Rimjhim upstairs. She says sorry papa. I was lost. he says we gave you freedom and you did this. You have ashamed us in front of that worthless girl. Pallavi says she saved our daughter and you’re still calling her worthless. No one could do what she did for her. Vikas says she’s ashamed me in front of everyone. That girl will be respected in the house. She is worthless. Rimjhim says she is very nice. DOn’t say that. He says Pallavi get out with your daughter. RImjhim runs downstairs. Surja says I will talk to her. I will help her get out of all this. Pallavi says I am sorry Bhoomi. You saved this family. Dadi says I always got you wrong. You’re the laxmi of this house. Please forgive me. Nirma says we’re ashamed. I knew Suraj would stand with you. He considers you his partner.

Episode ends

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