Molkki – Rishton Ki Agnipariksha 27th February 2023 Written Update

Molkki – Rishton Ki Agnipariksha 27th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Molkki – Rishton Ki Agnipariksha 27th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bhoomi sees the same girl Suraj brought. He holds her hand and says did I bring you here to clean? Come with me. He takes her side. Bhoomi says if he had to do all this why did he marry me? Gagan brings Maniya to Sangram’s house. Sangram says the welcome new couple. He says why are you shocked Maniya? New couples are given welcomes like this. Gagan is an orphan but he has my head on him. Maniya is shocked. She says what is all this Gagan? He kidnapped Bhoomi. he says Sangram is my boss. We will just eat here and leave. We have to think about our children. I can’t lose my job.

Suraj takes the girl out of haveli. Bhoomi follows them. He goes to a servant quarter. Bhoomi says he’s stooped so low. They teach me limits and Suraj can do all this? Why did he marry me? Sangram drinks with Gagan. He says Maniya eats something. He says you’re mad at me because I tried to marry Bhoomi. She doesn’t deserve Suraj. They’re disgusting people. If she married me her life would be made. Maniya says they’re very good people. I am glad she married Suraj. They have done us many favors on us. HE says we don’t count favors like them. I’ve something special for you both. Sangram gives them the keys to their new bike and house. Gagan says see Maniya I toldyou sangram is very good human.

Scene 2
Bhoomi washes her clothes. She sees the girl coming to another room. She comes to that girl. She asks the girl Suraj brought you from heat place. I will ave you don’t worry. She gives her jewelry and says you can run from here. She says no you’re getting wrong. Suraj helped me. He has not greed or bad intentions. He brought me out of that hell and saved me.

The girl was in the room with a man. He tried to force himself on her. Suraj hit him and saved her. She says Sura brought me to the room and gave me books so I can be educated and study. She says Suraj calls me his sister. He is sponsoring my education. He is a very good human and you’re lucky you’re married to my brother like Sraj. Nirma says Bhoomi Iw and you to know the truth yourself. I want you to have faith in Suraj.

Scene 3
Maniya and Gagan come to the house. He says such a big house. She says he’s trapping us. He’s a snake. Gagan says he has done a lot for me since childhood. She says where was he when you were in jail because of him? Nirma saved us. He’s evil. He says they’re rich people. We deserve a good future.

Bhoomi comes to the house. She sees Suraj being nice to everyone. She says I got him so wrong. Suraj tells everyone they made double the profit this month and they will all have a share in it. He says we will make a resting place here for you all here. Any other suggestions? Bhoomi says yes I have a suggestion. He says you? It would be dangerous. She says can we have a resting and shower facility for the labors? The manager says it will be made in the office. Suraj says no I like her suggestion. We will have a shower facility installed for them. Keep working hard and have your own thoughts like this. He asks her name. She says, Bhoomi. He says you look married. What’s your full name? She says, Bhoomi Suraj Thakur. He says you can call your husband here too. She says you can’t call him here.

Scene 4
Vikas says to Urvashi Nirma won but Suraj doesn’t even look at that girl. She is asking Pallavi to get Bhooomi ready and get her photoshoot done. Urvashi says to make sure Suraj doesn’t even touch her. He says I will set a fire between them.

Dadi says take my photos too. Nirma says get ready. Vikas says Pallavi is bringing Suraj downstairs. She brings Suraj downstairs. He says what’s the surprise? She says family photoshoot. He says what is all this. Pallavi says you will do a photoshoot. She says let me bring the family sword. Nirma says to Surja you’re getting a photoshoot done with your wife. He says I’ve no interest in even seeing her. She’s nothing to me. The servant drops the sword. Bhoomi saves it. Suraj looks at her. He’s shocked that it’s Bhoomi.

Episode ends

Precap-Suraj says that necklace will always be Kumud’s. Bhoomi wonders who Kumud is. Vikas and Urvashi plan to tell Bhoomi about Kumud.

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