MTV Fanaah 31st July 2014 Written Update

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MTV Fanaah 31st July 2014 Written Update by Sona

MTV Fanaah 31st July 2014 Written Episode

Kinjal comes and taunts them about doing some work other than talking about love or ghost stories. She says that they should back their bags and go to Bombay because talking here like this won’t grow flowers. Vivan’s Jeju tries to calm Kinjal and tells to speak something nice sometime. She says that if Vivan gets scared at night because of the stories she won’t leave him in one piece. Jeju says that if Vivan gets scared he’ll take care of him. Kinjal gets frustrated and takes off.

Vivan goes and looks for Anshuman after his Jeju leaves, he remembers the things Randir’s father was warning them about all the time. He goes further and hears Anshuman’s voice saying ‘getting scared.’ Vivan says that he was checking on him only. Anshuman says that he (Vivan) is getting scared. Vivan tells to Anshuman that the day he found him Randir’s father was looking for him. He asks if he had anything to do with Randir’s father death. Anshuman says no. Vivan says that he helped him and asks him than he shouldn’t hurt his family. Anshuman calls Vivan to come closer and gives him a locket and says that it will protect him and if the case comes even from him.

Mahi comes and apologizes to Dhara. She asks that how many times Madam has given her to write this. Dhara replies saying 10,000 times. Mahi says that Madam is very stubborn as because of such a small thing she gave her a huge task. Mahi says that if Madam found about him and Meeth she’ll kill them. Mahi says to Dhara if she could ask her one thing, she asks Dhara of what she thinks about Meath. Dhara says that they look very nice together. Mahi says that tomorrow a complete year would be completed between him and Meath. She also says that she cannot figure out of what to wear tomorrow. Dhara says that her dresses would be small for her but she could wear her jewelry. Mahi says that she will always have her back when she (Dhara) wants to meet Vivan. She says that she has to go as if Preet Madam saw them right now they can get into trouble again.

Dhara start writing on the book again when the door slowly opens with a shadow in the wall. A marking on her arm starts to appear and she suddenly feels pain and cries out and says sorry Madam. The door closes again.

Vivan goes out of the main door. His Jeju comes and says that why hasn’t he got ready doesn’t he want to go to school. Vivan says that he had to meet Randir he didn’t went yesterday and must go. His Jeju says that after the incident their family left for their grandmother’s house and said that no longer want to live here. His jeju says that he should get ready and go to school.
Kinjal asks her husband that why doesn’t he tells Vivan about Randir’s death. He says that Vivan is a boy and Randir was his very close friend he will get disturbed. Kinjal says that for how long will he keep him from the truth of death. He has to tell him sometime.

Vivan goes to Randir’s house and sees that the door is locked. On his way Meath comes from behind and asks him of where is he headed. He asks of why he is so sad. Vivan says that his best friend left without telling him. Meath says that if one of his friends left he has found another one. He says that one friend comes in the need of another. Vivan says so want to make your matters work by using friendship as an excuse. Meath says that its nothing like that but right now no one can help him but him. Vivan says that don’t be scared he was just saying, and what is the help he wants. Meath says that he wants to give Mahi a note that he wants to meet her on their place as it is their first anniversary. Vivan gets shocked and says that did you guys got married. Meath says that its nothing like that it’s the day that they met. Vivan says okay and he’ll give her the message when he goes to the Mansion after school. He gives the message to Mahi but she says that she cannot go there as Preet Madam has forbidden her to go outside the Mansion.

Vivan is playing carom with Dhara and they are discussing that how are the two of them going to meet as Mahi cannot go out and Meath cannot come in the Mansion. Miss Fareeda brings some pastries and an idea hits them both. They both high five but Dhara feels a pain in her arm and Vivan asks what happened. Dhara says that it’s nothing. Vivan says that if she got hurt he is sorry as before her he only had male friends.

Dhara is saying to Preet Madam that they should give a gift to Vivan as he scored good grades in his test. Preet Madam says that she is impressed that in Vivan’s happiness she is so happy. Dhara says that he told her that he loves pastry but cannot eat them so asks if they could give him pastries. Preet Madam calls Vivan and says that Dhara is very happy today and wants to give him a treat. She says Dhara is a very nice girl. Vivan agrees and says that he loves pastries. Preet Madam replies and says that she loves smiling faces. She says that smile is a trick as it tells very less and hides a lot. She says that today is the treat of every one with Vivan. Preet Madam brings some money from her box and says to Vivan to bring some pastry. She whispers in his ears that Dhara likes chocolate.

Irawati is sitting in the jungle and catches a catfish from the river by her hand. Anshuman who is still in the shop is looking very feeble and says that how can he stop Ira from killing more people. Anshuman is also going from the jungle while Irawati is stalking him. He sees a snail climbing on a branch and goes close to it while Irawati appears from behind. He falls and runs back. Irawati says that where can you run, lets play. As soon as Irawati touches him she falls back on her back and Vivan runs.

Precap: Irawati comes and asks Meath of the boy and describes Vivan appearance. Dhara is leaving and Vivan comes and says that why didn’t she tell him that she was leaving. He asks that what has happened to her and why she is talking like this.

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