MTV Fanaah Season 2 28th November 2014 Written Update

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MTV Fanaah Season 2 28th November 2014 Written Update by Sona

MTV Fanaah Season 2 28th November 2014 Written Episode

A nurse is dragged in again by a minion of Dr.Ramesh and though she asks for help but no one can hear her. On the moment Vivan comes to her aid and fights the person, though it is very strong but Vivan wins and tells her to not to tell anyone about this. He tells her that this was a worker of the hospital and leaves while the man wakes up again. The students are going home when Ranbir says to Saher that how about we go on a long drive as she wants to reach home before her father. She gets mad at him when Avani comes and says to her colleagues that Dr.VIvan is coming and tells them what happened.
Ranbir then apologizes to Saher, Saher says that there is a sensitive spot for everyone while Ranbir says that you must know that I have a sensitive spot as well. Avani tells Yamini about her new post as Dr.Vivan’s assistant and asks for some advice as she is his favorite student. Yamini is about to talk when Sarhtak asks her aside as he has to talk to her. She comes aside and Sarthak complains about Yamini as the wrong person. Avani says that what is your problem with her and the two of them start fighting. Rose says to Prateek that we have a fighting group and a flirting group.
Rose leaves with Prateek while Avani calms Sarthak and Yamini down and says that I am glad that you care about me and I will friends of you both. Sarthak then leaves the class and Avani wonders where Dr.VIvan is. Rose comes out and tries to flirt with a doctor but he leaves saying that he is busy. Prateek comes and tells her to come with him. VIvan on the other hand is testing something in his lab.
Mehgna gets a call from him saying that lock the hospital as a lot of people can get affected and die as well. Rose is sitting with Prateek and is getting bored while Prateek mocks him and they get into a fight. Prateek leaves and so does Rose. VIvan calls the man telling him about the virus and says that it is made by a human and the one infected by it will only be like a zombie. Vivan says that there is a host who is doing this and the man tells Vivan to find the host as soon as possible. Vivan confirms that he won’t let that happen and says that the host is still in the hospital.
He goes and tells a doctor to stop the blood infusion and all the ones happening in the hospital as the blood could be affected. Avani goes to Vivan’s office and though he isn’t there but she decides to clean his office and it is dirty and she is his assistant. She is looking at a glass when Vivan comes and asks her what she is doing here. She is about to explain when he tells her to get out. She says tha why are you mad and starts to mess up the room again. Vivan says that I have a job for you and that is to stop all the students from leaving.
Vivan starts to work on his computer and finds the Dr.Ramesh as an O+ and realizes what has happened and remembers his warning. Vivan goes to the lab and checks the blood samples in a lab. Rose is walking in the hospital when she sees another doctor who is Dr.Ramesh and runs after seeing him. She hides behind a book stand when Avani hears her and they all come to help him. Avani hits the man and sees his face and runs as well. Vivan tells then worker at the lab to destroy the blood packets and sees the data of the ones sent for blood transfusion.
Avani is about to be stabbed by Ramesh when the others come to help her. Sarthak is cornered when Yamini helps him and they hide in a room with Rose crying. Avani thanks the Yamini and Sarthak for saving her and the run from the place. The students are at Dr.Mehgna’s office and tell her about the incident. Avani says that there are two three of them and they are going to kill us all.
Mehgna says that Vivan was right and gets a call from him. He tells her to stop all the blood transfusion and asks where Dr.Ramesh was working. Mehgna tells the student to not to leave the hospital though Avani wants to help Vivan. Sarthak wants to talk to Yamini but she walks away. Avani on the other hand says that I have to help Vivan.

Precap: Vivan injects a person with a serum and he heals back to normal. Later he is holding the door and asks Avani of how she made the formula as he has to make more of it and starts to make more of it when the infected enter the lab.

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