Musakaan 10th August 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 10th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 10th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ronak saying Sir ji had run the brothel for many years, I m going to blast it and then built a school, named Aarti Kanya Vidyalay. Gayatri says Ronak, I will support you in this, I will give my jewellery. Muskaan happily cries. She says I also agree with mum, I will sell my jewellery and we will start a school. Lovely says I will also give my jewellery, I m with you. Dolly says I m with you. Ronak asks Bua is she annoyed with him, won’t she help him. Bua says no, take my jewellery also. Ronak says I knew my family will be with me, just get the jewellery. Muskaan says the money won’t be enough, we have to do something big to get more money, why don’t we organize a jewellery fashion show, people donate money at charitable events. Ronak says fine, I will do fashion show, I will

arrange money and built a school. Bua goes and calls Sir ji.
She says Ronak wants to make a school on brothel land, he wants to sell everyone’s jewellery, do something. Sir ji says fine, don’t worry, just keep me informed. She says fine, take care. Sir ji says there is a rule of law and nature, we have to weaken things to break it, we have to separate Ronak and Muskaan. He asks the men to kill them. Sir ji says I have to see their dead bodies, they won’t get a chance to save themselves, just do as I say. He tells the plans.

Ronak comes home. The women keep the jewellery boxes. Ronak asks are you all ready. He gets the men inside. He says they are our bodyguards. Dipendar gets a message and takes Ronak aside. He asks what shall I do now. Ronak asks what happened. Dipendar shows it to Ronak. He says if I go to Sir ji, you won’t leave me, if I don’t go, he will kill me, I m stuck. Ronak says you just do the right and support us. He replies tell the location, I will come. He gets the address. He says now I will go to meet him.

Sir ji says so Ronak is coming towards his death. He says now I will start their death tandav. Tabassum, Tara and Mala look on. Muskaan and Gayatri stop Ronak. Ronak says Muskaan don’t worry for me, gather the money in fashion show, money is imp for our school. He asks the men to be with his family all the time.

Gayatri calls him out. Ronak says I will go and catch Sir ji, nothing will happen to me, I have your blessings, just be with Muskaan and gather money. Ronak takes Gayatri’s blessings. They all leave. Muskaan sees Ronak. He makes her wear a heart pendant. He also wears one. He says now our hearts are connected, I will go now, no one can separate us Muskaan. He leaves. She cries.

Driver asks are you Dipendar, sit. Ronak sits in his place. Dipendar recalls switching his place with Ronak. Dipendar calls Sir ji and says work is done, Ronak left in the car. Sir ji says great, you will get a big prize for this. Dipendar thanks him. The jewellery exhibition event starts. Someone comes there. Few people come there to see the event. A goon asks the men to shoot the guards when he gives the order.

The car stops. Driver asks the man to hurry up. Ronak asks him to go and move the man. Driver goes. The women get ready in the make up room. The goons kill Ronak’s security guards. Driver takes the car ahead. He sees some men coming with guns. The man says you will be happy seeing the girls exhibiting the jewellery. The man stares at Lovely. Lovely shows the jewellery designs. People bid for the jewellery. Driver gets out of the car and points gun at the car. All the goons start shooting at the car. The man calls Sir ji and says we killed Ronak. Sir ji says great. The men get close to the car to check.

A man aims at Muskaan. Sir ji says Muskaan knows to do this always, she had made my family against me, I had to kill Ronak. Muskaan and everyone get shocked.

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