Musakaan 11th July 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 11th July 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 11th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone coming in the wedding. Muskaan says I will be joining the police force like them and do my duty. Bua says there is much police here as the marriage is of a rich man. A sniper comes and aims the gun at Sir ji. Someone stops the shooter and kills him. The person runs to the baraat and dances. Everyone looks on. The man collects money and asks Muskaan to keep it for some time. A man standing behind Sir ji gets shot. Everyone gets shocked.

They see the groom pointing gun at Sir ji. Ronak stands in front of Sir ji. The man runs towards them. Muskaan stands in front of Ronak. The man catches the groom and faints him. Another goon goes to stab Sir ji. Ronak kicks him down. Everyone looks on shocked. Ronak beats the goons. A goon comes to stab from behind. Lovely sees this

and shouts. The man shoots the goons down. Sir ji gets shocked. Everyone asks Sir ji who were these people attacking him, what’s happening. The man asks the constables to clear all this. He says I got info about the attack on Sir ji, I enjoyed my duty and got to dance in baraat. He asks them to get the real groom. He says its my duty to save lives, enjoy the marriage now. He asks Muskaan to give his money back. He goes.
Sir ji asks Gayatri to go home, he will come in some time. Ronak goes with him. They come to office. Sir ji drinks wine. He asks Ronak to sit. Sir ji says I never felt weak, I m feeling scared for the first time, because my family is with me, life is precious, we will spend life happily. He says you are getting stuck between my and Muskaan’s fight, I know you cleared the hurdles I posed for Muskaan, sorry, its enough now, I want to end this, why will you and my family get ruined because of me. He says I want to give you an offer, I m selling the brothel and freeing all the girls, I m leaving all the bad things which my family doesn’t like, I want you to take Muskaan far from here and start a new life. Muskaan sees her uniform and badge. Ronak asks what about your protection if I go, I can’t go. Sir ji says I will protect myself, you can get police protection for me, stand by Muskaan, start a new life, I will bless you, you and Muskaan stay happy. He gives the keys of his house and says Muskaan won’t believe me, you talk to Muskaan, she loves you, she will listen to you, will you do this for your coming life and talk to her. Ronak nods.

Ronak comes and sees Muskaan sleeping. He says we have to take a big decision, which can make or ruin our life, I will wait for your decision. Its morning, Muskaan reports on duty and promises to work hard. Commissioner asks her wish. She says I have a request, I want to handcuff Sir ji and get him punished. He says I know this, go and arrest him, get justice for your mum. Muskaan comes to Sir ji’s house and shouts I have to snatch your smile, come out, I have to arrest you. Sir ji and everyone get shocked. Muskaan says your time has come. She shows the arrest warrant. Sir ji asks Ronak to see, she is insulting him and came to arrest her. Ronak claps and says wow, I m proud of you Muskaan, Sir ji will get punished for sure. Sir ji gets shocked. Gayatri says I feel lucky that I got a bahu like Muskaan, go and achieve anything you want. Sir ji asks Muskaan to listen. Muskaan handcuffs him.

Muskaan says you tried a lot to lay thorns in my way, I removed the thorns and moved on, I will stay here with Gayatri and Ronak, you will be going jail. She drags Sir ji.

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