Musakaan 12th August 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 12th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 12th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rana spying on the fashion show event. He sees the snipers on position. The women walk the ramp. Rana calls Sir ji and says Ronak’s guards are shot down, when Muskaan comes on stage, my snipers will shot her down. Sir ji says listen to me. He tells some plan. Muskaan walks the ramp. A goon gets up to leave. He sees Muskaan and stops. He stares at her. Muskaan shows off the jewellery. The people bid for the jewellery. Everyone claps for all the women. The goon stares at Muskaan. Sir ji comes there on the stage and claps. Everyone gets shocked seeing him.

Sir ji says you have done it so well Muskaan, after all this is your old profession to exhibit your body, great. He says stop your acting. The man says I think its something wrong, we should leave, we are not from this city.

The goon stares and leaves from there. Sir ji says the game is over for you all, just leave if you want to be alive. He says Muskaan, you thought I m gone forever, I never lost, I m devil if you say, I will never lose. He laughs. He says devil never dies, it just kills, I had to kill Ronak today because of you. Muskaan and Gayatri get shocked. They cry. Muskaan says no, this can’t happen. Sir ji says it happened and now its your turn. He asks the sniper to shoot her and kill her. They get shocked. Sir ji shouts shoot her. Ronak says one blessed by Lord, none can kill him. Everyone smiles seeing Ronak.
Sir ji gets shocked seeing Ronak. Ronak says one killed by Lord, none can save him. Muskaan asks are you fine. Ronak nods. He asks are you thinking how did I get saved, I will take you in flashback. Ronak recalls … FB shows Ronak telling that he has an answer to Sir ji’s every plan. Driver goes out of the car. Ronak gets down the car. Hanumant keeps a statue inside. The goons shoot at Ronak. They see a timer bomb inside the statue. They all run away. The car blasts. They fall back. Sir ji’s man gets shocked. The goons suffer injuries. Ronak points gun at the man and asks him to do as he says. He asks him to call Sir ji. The man calls Sir ji and says we killed Ronak. FB ends.

Sir ji asks the sniper to shoot them down. Ronak laughs and asks who will shoot. Sir ji doesn’t see Rana and his snipers. Ronak recalls attacking Rana and his snipers. Gayatri asks Ronak is he fine. Ronak says I told you, nothing will happen to me if I have your blessings and truth in heart. Sir ji shoots at Ronak’s hand and drops Ronak’s gun. He catches Bua at gun point and threatens them. Bua says leave me. Sir ji gets in the car and pushes Bua. Ronak looks on. Sir ji drives off. Ronak says I won’t let Sir ji get away today.

Ronak and Muskaan leave on a bike. They follow Sir ji to the godown. Sir ji gets down his car and holds his chest. Ronak says you got ill now, don’t tun, you can’t get saved now. Sir ji gets fine and smiles seeing him. Lights get on. Sir ji laughs. His goons come out. Ronak and Muskaan get shocked. Sir ji sits on the car and says you both can’t get saved now. Ronak holds Muskaan close in arms. Sir ji asks do you like to dream, you thought I have just few goons and snipers and you will win, you know what I have and what I m, this is my little army, who will kill you, I will win. Muskaan gets scared.

Sir ji asks Ronak to tell now, what will he do, how will he conquer his dad and his powers. He signs goons to beat Ronak. The goons go to attack Ronak and Muskaan. They hear a bike sound. Hanumant gets his friends gang there to save Ronak and Muskaan. Sir ji gets shocked. Ronak gets a strong support. Hanumant says I got all the boys, you always supported them, today they will become our army and protect you. Ronak asks Sir ji to tell now, who will win, devil or human.

Ronak’s friends and Sir ji’s goons fight. Ronak shoots at Sir ji’s leg. Goons catch Ronak. Sir ji shoots. Muskaan gets shot and falls down.

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