Musakaan 12th September 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 12th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 12th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the ladies gossiping about Muskaan’s marriage with Hukum. Hukum sees Collector. He asks the ladies to sit on the chairs, and be equal to the men. The men look on. Hukum says I have started my work, just see, I made the women sit equal to men. Collector nods. The man asks Hukum what is he doing, its not wrong. Hukum asks Tau to have breakfast. Maalik, Ronak, Muskaan and family comes. Hukum stops them at the door. He says Muskaan’s grahpravesh will happen, where are the women of Vidhangarh, maybe Vidhangarh isn’t ready for change. He asks Amma to come from his side today, he is her son, he is bringing bahu for him, so she will do aarti. Maalik nods to Amma. Hukum asks Amma to do aarti. Amma does Muskaan’s aarti.

Ronak signs Muskaan. Amma says you are doing roka in

hurry, but you will marry in Maharaj’s presence. Hukum says I don’t need Maharaj ji. The man asks Hukum why didn’t he arrange any dance program. Hukum says I will call a dancer in marriage tomorrow. The men record Muskaan’s video. They ask Hukum to ask his would be wife to dance. Ronak gets angry and asks how dare you. Maalik says stay in limit. Hukum says let it be, its a happy occasion. He asks the men to get out. He asks Amma to start roka rasam. Muskaan sees Ronak. She sits for the roka. Maalik signs Amma. Amma gets the engagement rings. Hukum asks Muskaan to give her hand. Muskaan doesn’t give her hand. Amma asks her to forward her hand. Hukum holds her hand. Maalik and Ronak look on.
A couple comes there with their son. They protest against Hukum. Hukum asks them to get out. Maalik asks what’s the hurry, I have come as your villagers’ well wisher. Collector asks what’s happening. The lady says my daughter Deepa, Hukum kidnapped her, we want justice for her. Everyone gets shocked. Ronak recalls… Maalik slapping Inder. Maalik asks why did you say that. Kuldeep says Inder did a mistake. Maalik slaps them. Ronak says no use to beat Inder. Maalik says I lost Muskaan because of him. Ronak says we didn’t lose Muskaan.

Maalik asks how. Ronak says if we target Hukum’s weak nerve, we can save Muskaan. Inder says I know, Deepa is Hukum’s painful nerve. Ronak asks does the police know this, like Hukum got Collector, if we tell madam about Deepa, we will get Muskaan back. FB ends. The lady says we stay in Devinand, Deepa was in love with some guy, villagers told Hukum that Deepa should get punished, Hukum kidnapped her and tried to know the guy’s name, he disappeared her. Inder says disappear means murder. Ronak says you know the pain of losing a young daughter, look at them, Hukum is a devil, he did all this, he knows he kidnapped or murdered. The lady says we expected Hukum to tell us about our daughter so that we do final rites, he didn’t tell us anything, he got us beaten up. Ronak says just think he is such a man. He thinks now Saahu won’t let this roka happen.

The man asks Hukum to beat Deepa’s dad. Hukum asks him to keep quiet. Ronak says whatever you did, its a crime, I forgot to ask, Maalik why is Nekchand hiding. He asks Nekchand why didn’t he lodge the FIR, was he dancing in the police station. Nekchand says madam ji, I didn’t get this news, these people didn’t come to file FIR. Ronak claps and says it means they didn’t come to file FIR, they will file FIR right now.

Hukum says it will happen later, my roka will happen first. Collector says you won’t decide this, come with me to police station. Hukum says why shall I come, I know the laws, the crime has to be proved. Ronak says we have no proof, you are a woman and know woman’s feelings, will you give Muskaan’s hand to this devil. Maalik says he is right. Muskaan asks Collector not to let her marry Hukum, what will happen if he gets jailed. Hukum says I promise that I accept her conditions, we all will sign on the paper. The men refuse. Hukum says come with me and talk. Maalik says you have to talk here itself, I don’t want to give you a chance to play any game. Ronak thinks Hukum is planning something, he is agreeing Muskaan’s conditions, he has tricked the villagers.

Maalik scolds Hukum. Collector says I won’t let this marriage happen. Inder says I want to marry Muskaan, I accept all her conditions.

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