Musakaan 18th July 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 18th July 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 18th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Muskaan bearing the insult in the brothel. The girls taunt Muskaan. Tabassum asks the girls to see Muskaan and see her result. She asks them to live with comforts here. Sir ji says Muskaan will always be servant. Muskaan thinks Sir ji is cheating Ronak, Ronak thinks Sir ji has left the bad business, he can never change. Sir ji says Muskaan is one who won’t progress and won’t let others progress. Das says a girl is committing suicide and taking your name Sir ji. Sir ji says I will go and see. Das says no, it maybe a plan of someone, stay here. He asks Muskaan to go and see. Muskaan goes and stops the girl. She asks the girl to tell her problem, she will solve it.

The girl says I want Sir ji here, call him, else I will jump down. Gayatri, Ronak and everyone see the girl’s

suicide attempt news on tv. They get shocked. Muskaan thinks what did Sir ji do with Mala. She asks Mala to come down. She says trust me, come down. Mala pulls her hand and gets her on the railing. Jahaan comes there and looks on. Mala says you lied to me, how did the police inspector come here. Muskaan says no. Mala says I will take you and jump down. Jahaan says I promise I will solve your problem. Mala says just call Sir ji. Jahaan asks will your problem get solved, cowards attempt suicide, come down, I promise you, I will solve your problem. Media looks on. Muskaan asks Mala to calm down. Mala jumps down holding Muskaan. They both fall down. Jahaan gets shocked. Gayatri shouts Muskaan and worries. Everyone gets shocked. A truck comes on time. Muskaan and Mala fall inside the truck. Muskaan gets up and looks around. Ronak gets down the truck. He hugs Muskaan. He asks are you fine. Muskaan says I felt I would die. He says nothing will happen as long as I m with you. Jahaan comes and asks Muskaan to take Mala to hospital.
They reach hospital. Ronak asks how is Mala. Doctor says she is out of danger now, she is unconscious. Ronak asks Muskaan to relax. Muskaan says I had to go to brothel with Sir ji, nothing is fine, he insulted me a lot, Mala was attempting suicide because of Sir ji, Mala and I would have died if you didn’t come on time. Jahaan comes and asks the status. Muskaan says I want to file FIR against Sir ji, he has provoked Mala for suicide. Jahaan says we can’t file FIR until Mala gets conscious. She says its wrong, the girl tried to take her life because of Sir ji. She asks Ronak not to defend Sir ji, Mala was taking Sir ji’s name. Ronak goes.

Jahaan says I explained you before, calm down, take care of the girl. He goes. She goes and sees Mala missing. She looks out of window. She sees a couple taking Mala. Muskaan runs and hires a cab. She asks the driver to follow that car. She goes to some house and sees Sir ji threatening Mala. She thinks to save Mala’s life. Mala asks Sir ji not to do this. Muskaan takes a stick. She hits on his head. She arrests Sir ji for his evil deeds. She calls the police station.

Muskaan sprinkles water on Sir ji’s face. He wakes up in the police station. He gets shocked. She says you are at the right place, I told you that I will punish you. She says Sir ji provoked Mala for suicide and then he kidnapped Mala to kill her. She shows the knife. Ronak comes there with Mala. He says believing half truth is worse than lie, I will tell the complete truth. FB shows Ronak going to Sir j and asking the truth of Mala. He says you said you have sold the brothel, what is all this. Sir ji says Mala was a girl from brothel, she wanted to start a new life, her uncle and aunt wanted to sell her, I got her here, if I sell this brothel, then the girls will be sold somewhere else, who will help them.

Ronak asks him to get Mala’s family, else the case will be filed against him. Sir ji goes to Mala. Mala threatens of committing suicide. Sir ji comes there and asks for how much did you sell her. Her uncle and aunt run away. Mala says you didn’t support me, none will help me. Sir ji takes the knife from her hand. He says I saved you, don’t do this. Muskaan comes and sees them. FB ends. Ronak asks Muskaan to free Sir ji. Muskaan leaves Sir ji. She says Ronak ji, you are getting him freed today, don’t forget that his evil sins will get washed off by his one good work, I will get him punished. Sir ji says Mala’s uncle and aunt were trying to sell her, you can arrest them. Jahaan arrests them. Ronak asks Sir ji to come. Sir ji smiles seeing Muskaan. She cries.

Ronak sees Jahaan and Muskaan laughing and talking. He gets angry. Sir ji smiles and thinks I will make you and Muskaan away, you won’t be able to do anything.

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