Musakaan 21st November 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 21st November 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 21st November 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ronak asking Nisha not to throw the kerchief, he has to return it to a little girl who tied it to his wound. He thanks her for aid. Nisha says you are welcome. She goes. Muskaan wakes up. Roshni says I m tired. Muskaan asks what work do you do that you get tired. Roshni says you won’t understand, let me rest. Muskaan says I will get your admission done in school. Roshni says no, Babu ji says its a bad place, if you get adamant, I will ask Babu ji first and then come. Muskaan says fine, take his permission, if he says no, I will go and talk to him, no excuses now. Roshni says fine. Muskaan goes.

Muskaan asks Principal about Roshni’s admission. Principal says admission will get completed when Roshni gives an interview, we will decide in which class to admit her, come with us for board meeting. Muskaan says sure, I would like to come. They go to the market. Roshni plays with the kids. Muskaan sees her and thinks I can’t believe this. A man asks Roshni to give parcel to Sudha. Roshni goes. Muskaan says I got some imp work, I need to go. Principal says okay fine. Muskaan runs after Roshni. She sees Roshni going to Sudha. She sees Sudha dancing with some girls. She thinks Roshni learns dance from Sudha. Roshni gives parcel to Sudha. Sudha thanks her and asks her to learn new step of dance. Roshni dances with her. Muskaan gets angry. She cries. She goes to Roshni and says come with me. She takes Roshni.

Nisha and Khushi play. Rani says teach this game to me, we will play. Khushi says no, mum always lets me win. Gayatri says sorry to disturb your game, I have some work with Nisha. She asks Nisha for her bag. Nisha says I will get it. Khushi says don’t go mumma. Gayatri says fine, Rani will you get the bag. Nisha says I had kept it in bedside drawer. Rani goes. Muskaan says those people aren’t good. Roshni argues. She says Sudha is so nice, she teaches me dance, what’s bad in it, I m dancing since childhood. Muskaan says you are too young, you don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, you are going to school from tomorrow, you should study in this age. Roshni refuses. Muskaan says fine, I won’t go school from tomorrow.

Roshni says if she sits at home, then she will trouble me. She says fine, you won, I lost, I will go. Muskaan laughs and hugs her. Rani gets the bag. She sees the cupboard open. She takes the money bundles. She gets Ronak and Muskaan’s pic. She says I can end Ronak and Nisha’s closeness by using this pic. Nisha asks did you get the bag. Rani hides the photo in Khushi’s bag. She thinks Khushi will see the pic and ask about Muskaan, Nisha will think Ronak did this. Muskaan gets Roshni to the school. Roshni says I hate school, I just came so that you don’t quit the job. Muskaan says thanks for understanding. Roshni says if dad knows I go to school, he will be much angry.

Muskaan says talk to principal nicely. Roshni asks her not to worry, she will manage. Guard greets Roshni. Muskaan says I will put attendance and come. She goes. Principal comes and asks Roshni to come with her, she has to ask few things. Roshni goes with her. Principal asks about her parents’ name. Roshni says I don’t have my parents, write Babu ji’s name, he raised me. Principal says but I want to know their names. Roshni says you can ask me anything, I will tell you my day’s routine. Principal gets shocked. Roshni says I don’t want to study where people want to know my parents’ name. She goes. Muskaan comes. Principal says I met Roshni, I m sorry to say, her admission won’t happen here. Muskaan asks why. Principal says I asked her father’s name, she gave me lecture and went, she isn’t fit in my school, you can go now. Muskaan goes to Roshni and stops her. She says this place isn’t bad. Roshni says they just want to know about my parents, Babu ji says school is a bad place. She goes. Muskaan says he doesn’t look like a good man, why would he stop her from going to school, he filled hatred in her heart for her parents, I have to meet him and know why is he misleading Roshni.

Khushi gets scared of a fake lizard and throws her bag. Muskaan goes to pick the bag. Ronak asks Nisha to listen to him. He falls down the stairs. Nisha shouts Ronak ji. Muskaan wakes up and shouts Ronak ji.

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