Musakaan 3rd August 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 3rd August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 3rd August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ronak saying I m not getting sleep in my room, since I got habitual to sleep in outhouse. Muskaan says I will make you sleep. He rests in her lap. She says I m thinking, the war we have started, will this be the last one for us, this is Kalyug, Raavan’s one head is equal to ten heads, can we win this fight. Ronak says its simple, whatever happens, none can separate us, fine, we will always be together like this, this fight will end when Sir ji gets punished for his sins. She says yes, and only then we can sleep in peace. He says sure, lets sleep now. They go to sleep.

Its morning, Ronak and Muskaan come. Lovely shows her shagun and asks Muskaan where is it. She says I forgot Muskaan’s Maayka is brothel, she won’t get Suhaag shagun from there. Ronak holds Muskaan’s hand.

Gayatri says Muskaan will celebrate Teej and Suhaag shagun will come for her, I will give it to you, Muskaan is more like my daughter. Bua says its wrong, we can’t change the customs. Lovely says if Muskaan celebrates Teej with us, then we will not celebrate it.
Gayatri gets shocked. Bua says everything will get impure because of her. Muskaan says its okay, let them celebrate as they want, I have to go for duty, its fine. Ronak nods. Muskaan leaves. Gayatri says its bad, house may never get peace in this. Ronak says relax, we are going to temple with Sir ji. They leave.

At the temple, Sir ji, Ronak and Gayatri pray. Pandit gives the laddoos. They eat the prasad and leave. A man points gun at Sir ji and says don’t move. Sir ji asks who are you. The man says come with me, else I will shoot you here. Gayatri says don’t do anything to him. The man asks him to just come along. Ronak says you aren’t doing this right. Muskaan comes there and asks the man to leave. She points gun and shocks Sir ji. Ronak asks what are you doing. Sir ji says Gayatri, you said you have explained them, did Muskaan understand, she will never change. Muskaan says be quiet, you have done a drama, its enough, I will end your story forever, I will kill you by my hands today. Gayatri gets shocked. Muskaan says I will punish you.

Ronak says don’t take law in your hands, its not right. Muskaan asks Ronak not to come ahead, else she will shoot. Ronak says listen to me. Muskaan shoots. Ronak gets back. Sir ji says we will sit and talk, we can solve it. Gayatri says yes, calm down Muskaan, what’s all this. Muskaan says no, he has to pay a price for this. Ronak says please I don’t want you to regret. Muskaan says forgive me, I have no option now. Gayatri says no. Muskaan says he has to die today. Ronak says put the gun down Muskaan. Muskaan loads the gun and shoots. Ronak comes before Sir ji and gets shot. Gayatri and Sir ji get shocked. Muskaan also gets shocked. She shouts Ronak ji…. Sir ji holds Ronak and says nothing can happen to you. They cry. Gayatri asks Muskaan to stay away. Sir ji says I won’t let anything happen to you. He cries. Ronak says forgive Muskaan. He dies. Gayatri shouts Ronak. They get shocked. Sir ji falls down. Gayatri cries.

Sir ji wakes up and recalls Ronak. He shouts Ronak, my son and runs out of the room. He says Muskaan has shot Ronak, he died in my arms, I m saying the truth, Gayatri was there. Gayatri asks what are you saying, what happened. Sir ji says I m saying the truth. Muskaan comes. Sir ji catches her neck and says she snatched my Ronak, I will kill her. Ronak comes and says leave her. He stops Sir ji. Sir ji says Ronak….. you are alive. Ronak asks what. Sir ji hugs him.

Sir ji says Ronak is alive, Gayatri. She says he is fine, what happened. He says you were there. Muskaan asks what are you saying. Ronak says I m here, are you fine, what are you doing. Bua says you were at home, you spent Teej and went to rest in room. Sir ji asks when did I celebrate Teej. Dolly says we clicked pics too. Sir ji sees pics and cries. Ronak asks him to handle himself. He says we shall take him to hospital.

Doctor treats Sir ji. FB shows Ronak signs pandit to give laddoo to Sir ji. Sir ji faints. Ronak winks to Gayatri and gets up. Ronak says I m fine, don’t cry, this is sauce, it was a drama. She asks drama, why. Muskaan says sorry. Ronak says I will explain you, we have to take Sir ji to safe place. They take Sir ji. Gayatri asks what’s happening. Muskaan says there is a truth, which you don’t know. Gayatri asks what. Muskaan shows the DNA match reports. Gayatri gets shocked. Muskaan says yes, this is the truth, Ronak is Sir ji’s own child, his blood.

Sir ji asks Gayatri to tell them. Ronak says see how I teach you a lesson. Bua asks Sir ji to sit. Ronak worries that the make up will melt by the fire.

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