Musakaan 5th August 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 5th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 5th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Muskaan saying Sir ji is Ronak’s father, but Ronak’s mum is Sandhya. Gayatri asks what, this can’t be the truth. Ronak says this is the truth. Gayatri says I have loved you so much, you are my son, this is the truth. He says I know, you have loved me the most in the world, you mean everything to me, my world. They cry. He says but this man has shown that I m an orphan, he used you and me, we should punish him. Muskaan says he should get punished. Gayatri says yes, Ronak had to go through a lot of pain, this man just lied to us, this man doesn’t deserve forgiveness, he cheated us, I m with you both. Ronak comes there in Sir ji’s clothes. Gayatri gets shocked.

Ronak asks aren’t you able to recognize me, its make up, its me, Ronak, your son. She smiles. He says we

have less time, we have to do it fast. He asks the men to keep an eye on Sir ji until he comes. Muskaan says I can’t come, I have traffic duty. Muskaan goes.
Bua makes Gayatri sit on the swing. She asks Sir ji to sit with Gayatri on the swing. Ronak sees the timer. Gayatri worries and gets up. She says let it be, he isn’t fine. Lovely asks Gayatri to sit on swing. Gayatri says its done. Dolly clicks selfie. Gayatri says pandit has come. Ronak sits in puja and thinks the make up will melt by the fire heat. He gets up and goes away. Bua asks what happened, why did you sit there, come here. Gayatri says he isn’t well, I will do the puja. They have food. Dolly takes selfie. Lovely says there is someone on your face. Ronak says I will do it. He asks where are Ronak and Muskaan. Bua says Ronak would have gone with Muskaan, he didn’t come. Ronak says I have urgent work, you all continue. Gayatri says fine, I will manage, go. He leaves.

Ronak and Muskaan come home. Bua asks Ronak why did he get Muskaan here. Muskaan says yes, lets leave. Ronak says I got you leave today, its Teej. Bua asks how will she celebrate Teej, her Maayka is… Ronak says I have a solution, Maayka and Maayka people are there. He claps. Lady constables come with the shagun and gifts. Muskaan smiles. Ronak says this is Muskaan’s Maayka people, police officers have much respect. Gayatri says yes, we agree, Muskaan can celebrate Teej with us. Ronak makes Muskaan sit on the swing., khudse bhi zyada….plays…. they smile.

Gayatri attends guests. Ronak says I m taking Muskaan out with me, where is Sir ji. Bua says he went out, our house got happiness back. Gayatri says we should sing and dance. They all go towards the temple. Ronak and Muskaan bring Sir ji home and make him sleep in the room. Sir ji wakes up and recalls Muskaan shooting Ronak. He shouts Ronak and runs out. He says Muskaan killed Ronak. He catches Muskaan’s neck. Ronak stops him and says we should take him to doctor. FB ends. Doctor says Sir ji is hallucinating, its dangerous. Sir ji says I m fine. He shouts to Gayatri. Ronak says this is just a trailer, picture is still left. Sir ji gets treated. Ronak says now see what I do. He gets Sir ji home. Sir ji sees his family and asks what happened, why are you all here.

Bua says we were worried for you, you aren’t fine. He says I m fine, my lookalike is doing this, I have seen him here, its a conspiracy against me, Muskaan is behind this, she is my life’s enemy. Lovely and Dolly ask how can this happen, you are taking stress, so you are getting such thoughts, its nothing like that. Sir ji says Muskaan is playing a game with me. Muskaan says no, I can prove it, I can spend the entire day with you. Ronak says this is right, lets end this here, I have a good idea, we will organize a party tonight, we will call Sir ji’s friends, done. Gayatri says Muskaan and I will take Sir ji to park. They go. Ronak gets Sir ji’s phone and thinks just see what I do.

Ronak as Sir ji, says Tabassum come in the party, I want to name the brothel to you. Tara asks Sir ji to see her once.

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